14 Sep 2013

Korres Lip Butter Mango - Swatches & Review

 Korres Lip Butter in Mango is one of the brightest colors from their range.
It's a bright orange which surprised me with it's color pay off. 
You can easily wear it as a stain or full on lip color.
Fells like a true lip butter and it's fully moisturising - worth the hype!
I actually never experienced such a nice texture with any lip balm.
The bonus points also goes to the natural ingredients and cute packaging.

What bothers me is the application.
Since it's a thick yet translucent you can't apply it evenly with first swipe.
However Mango gets steadily even with the heat from the lips.
I love the scent! Each Lip Butter has it's own unique scent (look at the names).
In my case it's a sweet candy-like mango, yummy!
Oh, did you notice that orange colors don't suit my face?

I would highly suggest you to try one or two shades.
I haven't tried anything like it texture-wise since it's moisturising and opaque at the same time.
You can order Korres product worldwide from FeelUnique for about 10€ on HERE.
I even found my shade on discount for 7€ so it's great to wait for FQ sales.

PROS: moisturising, cute, lovely texture, amazing colors, natural ingredients
CONS: application, not hygienic