19 Sep 2013

Oh The HORROR Collection from Darling Girl

 Fall season is here and makeup brands are already coming out with their new Halloween collections.
Darling Girl released a new OH THE HORROR collection inspired by classic tv monsters and villains.
I have to admit, I got shivers after seeing the pigment Here's Johnny from The Shining.  
I dare you to check out all Oh The Horror pigments and let me know which ones you recognize! 

The Mummy- gold with purple, blue sparkles. My favorite out of the bunch!
Seven Days Later- It's a grayish teal with blue sparkles. Is it from The Ring?

Camp Blood- light gray/silver with blue and pink/red sparkles.
Heads Will Roll- almost semi-matte smokey lilac with fine blue and pink shimmer.
Here's Johnny! - Most sparkly out of them all. It's a burgundy/blackened red with loads of  pink and blue sparkles. *shivers*

Like always swatches just don't do them justice.
As you might already know Darling Girl is super affordable and ships internationally.
Samples are 4$ for 5, Petit jars are 2,5$ and Full size is 5,9$.
If you don't like pigments you should at least check their Oh The Horror collection and guess which TV monsters/villains inspired which shade.
Here is the Oh the Horror collection and here is their entire range of products.