18 Sep 2013

Yogurt/ Sprinkle Nails with Born Pretty

Since yogurt effect didn't break through on European nail art stands I thought I'd show you a cheap alternative.
Nails Inc was the first who caught my attention with sprinkle effect- those darn cupcakes!
You can actually get sprinkle effect nail polishes for a ridiculous price online.
In fact, Born Pretty has 2 sorts of sprinkle effect nail polish line - here and here.
Texture is great, brush is okay and the amount is quite generous.
Oh, and where are most of the products made nowadays? ....Exactly.
I used 2 coats of Yogurt nail polish in 9# over 1 coat of pastel green nail polish.
Usually sprinkle effect nail polishes are all sheer so they can be layered for ''sprinkles in yogurt'' look.

Yogurt effect nail polishes cost around 4$ for 16ml with free international shipping on Born Pretty.
You don't really want to spend lots of money on trendy/seasonal effects yet they are affordable enough to try out several at once.
Or at least in my opinion since I don't care much about nail polish brands.