16 Oct 2013

Essence & Catrice Blogger Event

Ah, it was simply amazing. Where to start?
It was my first blogger event participation and if I'm correct - it was the first proper Blogger event in Slovenia.
We all felt like princesses and their hospitality made us fell welcomed.
In fact Essence and Catrice team made even a step further - we were welcomed by Slovenian and German PR & Manager staff.
Champagne was delicious, collections and regular stands were full of joy and presentation was amazing.
A moment to remember for a life-time period.
I already see myself talking about it to my grandchildren ;D

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all Essence & Catrice team from both: Slovenia and Germany.
They were even kindly enough to let us take whatever we wanted to try out and gave us bonus goodie bags!
I'm also really happy to meet all the nice girls from Slovenian blog-o-sphere
They made the atmosphere on event even more exciting and joyful.
Check them here: Ana, Ivana, Gejba, Tamara, Sandra, Tatjana, Nuša, Tina, Lux, Ina
If anyone is interested in any particular review - just let me know.