21 Oct 2013

Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips PPK004

Etude House Etoinette Collection was released quite a while ago so the products are quite accessible online.
I just couldn't resist this packaging when I saw Etude House discounted in a korean online shop.
Etoinette Crystal Shine lipsticks represent your inner princess and gives a shiny finish to your lips.
This lipstick range isn't meant to be super pigmented but I  love the color selection and easy application.

Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in PPK004 is a lovely pink-reddish color with silver shimmer.
Formula is medium sheer and reminds almost on a tinted lipbalm.
 You get a lovely light strawberry pink after applied on the lips with PPK004.
You can definitely build it up but you'll still get translucency.
I actually hate shimmers but once applied theay aren't really noticeable. 
I usually get only leftover shimmer on my lips when it wears off.
Keep in mind I ordered the most shimmery shade (for a change).
Longevity is okay- about 2-5 hours at most.
Moisture effect claim is actually true since I don't suffer from chapped lips afterwards. 
Scent is kind of rose based with a bit of sweetness.

If you can resist the cute packaging I admire you.
You can choose from  various colors with/without shimmer but keep in mind these are more like a tinted lip balm.
You can get them for around 17$ here or discounted for 10,40$ on Roseroseshop here.
Love the formula but for better color pay off try My Blooming Lips range.

PROS: moisturising, lovely color selection, cute packaging, affordable
CONS: glitter leftover/fallout, rose scent (hate rose scents in general)