2 Oct 2013

Illamasqua Cream Blusher - Promise

Illamasqua just owns the block when it comes to blushes.
Thanks to my wonderful friends they managed to gift me Illamasqua products that I wanted to try out.
It's my first time trying out their cream blushes and I already fell in love!
They are super creamy and with a slight dewy finish.
Since Nyx cream blushes are a bit too slippery and dewy for my taste, Illamasqua hits just the right amount of dewy-ness.
Promise is a cream blush with thin creamy (almost liquid) consistency
Longevity: It stays on my cheeks for a decent full-time job
I would recommend it for dry skin but I'm still not sure about it's performance on oily skin.

The color itself is quite interesting.
In the pan it looks vibrant warm pink yet it swatches and applies lighter and cooler.
In fact it's similar to Sob which is a light bubblegum pink.
Application is easy and buildable but I prefer to use fingers instead of stippling brushes. 
Pigmentation is outstanding even though it's a lighter/thinner consistency.

It's a perfect dewy cream blush for dry and normal skin.
Since I don't have oily skin I can't really predict how it would react but I've heard good things from experiences of other people. Illamasqua cream blushes are sold on their official website here and also on Asos for about 23€.

What's your favorite Illamasqua product? Do you have any recommendations?