25 Dec 2013

Glitter Nails: p2 Lost in Glitter - 02 Get Gorgeous!

I've been neglecting my nail polishes for a long period.
But after receiving this gorgeousness from Dolores (Colorful Bottle) I went straight to painting my nails. 
p2 is unfortunately sold only in Germany and Austria so you must imagine how happy I was to see loads of goodies from this brand. Thank you Dolores!
It's pretty much impossible to get p2 online unless you do a swap.
 p2 02 Get Gorgeous! is from their Lost in Glitter regular line which has an actual glitter-metallic-opaque finish.

I applied 2 coats without any base color underneath.
You can achieve full opacity with 2-3 coats.
You can easily layer it but as always - glitters can be a bit tricky to remove.
Color is muted-pale gold with holographic glitters and chunks.
I would highly recommend to check out this line especially to my German readers.
 p2 nail polishes retail under 2€ and always have trendy colors & finishes.
Do you like wearing glitters?