15 Dec 2013

Mid - December Favorites 2013

My life has been really busy these past few months so I've been loving longlasting products.
I've been adoring my mini sample of Tony Moly Cherry Tint since it gives a lovely cherry red color. 
It's water based so it's lightweight, non-sticky and lasts for hours. I wore it recently in my Dolly look post
I NEED a full size in a shape of a cat (you can get it here).
L'oreal Caresse Stain in Milady is a recent new addition. It's way more sticky and glossy but gives a nice longlasting stain. My only complaint is application and uneven stain (depending on your lip condition).

Highlighter is a must for my dull skin. Catrice Prime & Fine Highlighting Powder impressed me with it's fine rose-gold effect. It's really subtle and really different from typical highlighting shades.
 In the pan it looks pink but blends into multi-colored shimmer with gold base. Not to mention it's dirt cheap. 
I've been also sporting bold brows with Maybelline Define-a-brow which is a wax based pencil. It's a dark grey color suited for cooler hair colors and mixing it up with my Catrice Eye-Brow pencil in Ash.

Catrice Hugo Moss was my favorite nail polish. Gives a really nice Christmasy feel combining it with reds or golds. It's a lovely dark, mossy green. Surprising enough I really like it since I usually stay away from greens. 
Yves Rocher Vanille OR perfume smells exactly like Kinder surprise, literally. It's a nice rich, almost buttery vanilla with a hint of cocoa. I'm really impressed with Yves Rocher perfumes- they last all day and I can even smell them a few days later on my clothes. Win! 

Since I had a 50% off coupon for Got2B I wanted to try out Beach girl salt spray
Yes, not the best time to try it out but OMG, where to start? 
This is one of the best texturizing products I tried. I use it after washing my hair or spritz it on my dry hair and dry it off with a blow-dryer. Gives instant volume and texture. If you love silky smooth hair this might not be for you since it makes your hair a bit more heavy an rough but easy to manage. If I go to bed with damp hair and this salt spray I wake up with actual curls. 
Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo smells like bubblegum so I can't stop using it. I had it over 2 months and using it religiously but still 1/5 left. I think I'll have to stock up on it when I'm abroad. 

And of course a Christmas themed Yankee candle. Snowflake Cookie is a new scent for 2013 and it smells really similar to Christmas Cookie. However it's a bit less buttery and more lemony-icing inspired. I love it, it's sweet and smells like real cookies. 

My favorite discovery of the first mid-December is Yves Rocher.
I was invited to their event and I gladly participated since I didn't knew much about them. They never actually grab my attention with their store and packaging.
 I'm definitely super happy with their perfumes and Monoi dry oil.

My favorite songs of the month are by far How Come You Don't Want Me and I Was A Fool by Tegan & Sara
I've been pretty much obsessed with them in the past few months. After seeing them in Zagreb I fell in love with them even more. I even had a post-concert depression, lol. You should definitely check out their music, it's kind of indie-rock-60's but they always surprise with different styles of albums. Not to mention they are my style crush as well.

What's your favorite item of the December?