31 Dec 2013

Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti Dry Body Oil

I can definitely see why is this dry body oil so popular. 
I got one from Yves Rocher Event to try out - and fell in love.
My mom also got obsessed and NO, those are not all backups for us - but pretty sure we will have similar bunch in the next few months. 

If you haven't heard about traditional Monoi oil yet - well let me enlighten your day. 
Original Monoi oil is actually made out of coconut oil with infused gardenia/tiare flowers for it's signature scent. It's made especially in Tahiti. Women from Tahiti use it for decades now and apply it on body after sunbathing for supple/glowing skin.

Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti Dry Oil is an actual dry oil mist with sweet, tropical scent.
The best part is that oil sinks into the skin really quickly since it's in a mist form. 
 It comes with a pump which isn't the best but it applies oil almost like a fine mist
Oil is easily absorbed and scent lasts for hours
You can easily apply it on your hair ends so you can sniff it for the entire day.

Smells exactly the same as Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen - coconuty, breezy, vanillary. 
It's a perfect mix of vanilla, coconut, gardenia but the scent is provided only from Tahitian gardenia flower, coconut oil and some added fragrance in this particular product.
Me and my mom love the scent so much we even got the Monoi Eau de Toilette.
I knew this would happen. 
The intensity is almost the same between oil and perfume so you technically don't need both - well I do.

I would highly, highly recommend Monoi Collection from Yves Rocher. 
The only downfall - you will use up everything in few months, promise.
Monoi de Tahiti Dry Body Oil (or so-called oil mist) retails for 6€ and Monoi Eau de Toilette costs 15€. 
You can order YR online in most countries here and for Slovenian readers here or find a near store.
You can also order Monoi oil that's produced in Tahiti on iHerb for only 8,28$.
 I guess they smell similarly however the texture and absorption is way different since they aren't in mist form.


  1. Zaj ga pa res morem sprobat :) Sem pa zadnjič hotla kupit tole toaletno vodico, ker me takrat na eventu čisto navdušila, pa niso imeli nobene več :/

  2. I love dry oils, they're just so great and moisturise your skin and leave it radiant but without any of the stickiness. Happy New Year :o)! Xx


    1. Happy New year and a lot of blog posts in 2014 :)

  3. Oh wow this sounds amazing! I love dry oils, they always leave my skin feeling so silky! I really like Yves Rocher products too xx

    Gem // Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Jaz pa mojega za poleti šparam. Res ful diši drugače. :D

  5. Tole (pa tista cooling maska) je edino od YR paketka kar še nisem sprobala, ne vem, kaj čakam :D Zdaj ko razmišljam, da nisem še niti povohala Ö. Mi je pa suho olje iz kakav+pomaranča kolekcije z bleščicami tako zakon trenutno, da se pridružujem Sandri, ga šparam za poletje :D
    ♥, moonchild beauty blog

  6. I hear about this product from my friend, we both are working at thesis writing company. One day, he said to me that his body skin become more smooth when he started to use this product. I will also try it in future.


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