13 Feb 2014

Catrice New Products Spring 2014: Haul & Swatches

 Catrice and Essence update their assortment every Spring and Fall.
This year's new additions didn't really catch my attention.
I was surprisingly blown away only by nail polishes, especially with the crushed crystals.

The only eyeshadow that caught my attention was 760 No.1 Candydate.
It's a dainty version of Mac Vex without the green hue and with more lightness to it.
It's a perfect shimmery light grey-taupe with pink hue.
I really like it as an all over lid wash however the texture and pigmentation is much more gritty comparing it to older Catrice shadows. Not too impressed by the overall quality but the shade is gorgeous.
Retails for about 2,8€.

Lipstick shades are clearly similar to past assortment (khm ... Kiss Kiss Hibiscus) so I didn't even bother with them.
I only picked up 2 lipliners: Berryson Ford from the already existing line and new shade called Sweet Auberginia.
Berryson Ford is a berry-red while Sweet Auberginia is a straight dark berry shade.
I have no major complaints about the texture but Sweet Auberginia could be a bit more pigmented and soft.
All in all they are a great additions, especially the new berry shade - costs about 2,29€.

Now onto nail polishes!
I picked up 1 ''regular'' nail polish (2,60€) and 3 new Crushed Crystals which dry to a matte-texture finish (3,50€). 
It's actually pretty sneaky to raise only the prices of Crushed Crystals since many of you (including me!) won't/didn't notice the price difference at first. I was actually quite surprised when I saw higher price tag on my bill.
I don't appreciate that Catrice constantly raises their prices.

Catrice 46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore

Catrice 02 PLUMdogMillionaire

Catrice 06 Call Me Princess

Catrice 04 Oyster & Champagne 

From left to right: Berry Potter & Plumbledore, PLUMdogMillionaire, Call Me Princess, Oyster & Champagne

I also used PLUMdogMillionaire separately since the first swatch doesn't do justice.
  Oyster & Champagne was combined with Essence polish on the tips. 
Crushed Crystals aren't the best for using on the tips since they can apply quite thick and heavy. The longevity overall isn't the best either... but keep in mind that nail polishes usually last on me for 1-2 days max. 
I would say they can be fully opaque with 2-3 coats.
Definite stars are Call Me Princess and Oyster & Champagne.

So what did you picked up? Did anything caught your attention? 
Let me know your thoughts and first impressions.