22 Feb 2014

Peach obsession

My peach obsession started...not so long ago. 
Peach yogurt always made me sick (I guess I had a bad experience in my childhood) so I generally hate artificial smell of peaches. Since I discovered Cottage White Peach Lotion I got slightly wild over peach scents. 
Not everything smells artificial as I expected so I grown my love for it in a short time. 
Spring is around the corner so I thought it's a perfect opportunity to present you some of my favorite peach inspired items. 

Let's start with one of my favorites: Cottage White Peach Stimulating after-shower lotion (about 4-5€ in DM). 
It's a delightfully scented lotion which comes out as a moisturising mist-serum like lotion. 
It's easy to use, has mostly natural ingredients, smells divine like REAL peaches and sinks into the skin in no time.

Sunny Peach Bodycreme (around 2,7€ in DM) is a cheaper alternative from German brand Balea.
It has a more artificial peach scent but not overbearing. It's not top of the top but okay in general.
Just a standard creme that doesn't leave you too greasy but still gives you a ''peach''  experience. 

Labello Peach (around 1,8€) is a newest addition to Labello family. 
Has a lovely true peach scent and leaves slightly tinted peach hue on the lips. 
It's not the best alternative for chapped lips but if you crave after summer scents this is the one. 

Bourjois Color Boost Peach on the beach (11,22€ on Asos) is a perfect mixture between peach and pink. Glides on like butter and leaves a shiny finish. And it smells great too. It's a must from Bourjois lipstick range. 

Nyx Round Lipgloss Peach (3,12€ here and CherryCulture or BeautyJoint) is a lovely straight up peach with silver glitters. Like most of the Nyx glosses this also has a nice texture and pigmentation. 
You can see my review here.

Darling Girl Neon trees blush (2,50-5,90$ here) is a gorgeous neon peach-pink. 
It brightens up your complexion and gives a lovely glow right for spring time. 
Think of it as a younger sister of  Benefit Coralista but more neon, lighter and vibrant. 
It's the ultimate thing you need from Darling Girl. 

Essie Peach Cuticle oil (9€) actually contains peach ingredients and smells absolutely heavenly. 
I received a sample of it a while ago and fell in love with the scent. 
I instantly splurged 9€ for a full size and never looked back. 
Scent is charming while it sinks like a dream and nourishes your nails and cuticles.
The only problem is...I'm usually too lazy to apply it regularly. 

Maybelline Dream Touch blush Peach (8,44€ on Feel Unique) has a lovely light peach color that would suit fair skintones. It's a cream blush that's a no brainer. 
Has almost a watery feeling so it's a joy to apply with fingers. 

Benefit Georgia (25$, discontinued) is a light peachy-translucent powder that gives a slight glow. 
I'm really cautious when I apply it since it can make you look a bit too ''warm''. 
It's not one of the best powders but I like it. It's way too light as a blush, even for my fair skintone. 

YSL Rouge Volupte 30 Faubourg Peach (around 30€) is a nice straight up pastel peach. 
Consistency is a bit slippery but the packaging and color is to die for.
I already reviewed it here and even found some dupes.

Nyx Black Label lipstick India (6$ on CherryCulture) is a light peachy pink with white base. 
Can look a bit off on darker skintones but it's a beautiful vibrant nude for fair skintones.
I generally hate Round lipstick range because they are too slippery but these have a higher quality in my humble opinion 

 Catrice nail polish Rosy one more time (2,60€) is a light, almost nude peach.  
Has tiny little shimmers through out it but it's definitely more on the softer and natural side. 

What's your current scent/inspiration favorite?
Let me know if you have any further peach recommendations.