2 Mar 2014

Ariel / Mermaid Look Vol.2

Another year with another fun ''type of Halloween/Carnival'' Event down here. 
I tried to transform myself into a last minute mermaid. I already had a bunch of shells and a sea star for my hair so it was a great opportunity to re-try a turquoise-green-blue mermaid. I just wish I had a tail, lol. 
I basically applied latex as my scales and tried to recreate scaled skin with a net and ''glued on'' holographic paper.
If you're wondering about the lipstick it's a mixture of Stargazer 106 Bright neon pink and Catrice Colour Bomb (or Matt about pink is pretty much the same).

I also dyed my hair with Directions Semi-permanent hair dye in Apricot and Carnation pink for a better Ariel feel. 
I'm now kind of traumatised wearing a coral-orange hair, my worst color enemy but I'll try to make it work for as long as it stays on my hair (and I'm pretty much concerned about it since I layered it two times).
It's much more neon in person and my ends are a lot pinker than the rest of the hair.
Any tips for getting the color out? I've heard lemon and baking soda helps.

Please excuse my weird face movements. 
My battery on camera always dies on the worst possible occasions but I wanted to show you the real intensity of hair color if you're looking for a great toner or a splash of permanent color. 
Directions should have sponsored me since I talk about them so much, lol.
I usually order their color pots for 4,9€ included shipping on Ebay here.

So what do you think? I definitely prefer my previous cool toned hair but at least I know for sure orange and warm-toned reds are not for me.