16 Mar 2014

Prom Makeup and Meet My Cousins

I was honoured enough to be asked by my lovely cousin to do her makeup for Prom
Of course that's a lot of responsibility to handle but I was pretty confident there wouldn't be any problems since both of my younger cousins are already natural beauties. 
So the ''massacre'' began! Both of them (and my aunt included) were ready after 2,5 hours. 
I used mostly Urban Decay Naked 3 (review here) and Naked Basics on both since it really went well with their dress picks. Rose, purples, warm browns always go well with fair skintone.

Since younger cousin didn't want to show herself we'll stick only to the eye close up. 
I stayed in the lighter shade range because she already has beautiful skin and big eyes. 

For the actual Prom girl (congrats!) I decided to make it a bit bolder and still peachy-rose-burgundy. 
Her dress was a beautiful dainty peachy-nude shade.
I'm actually pretty happy with product picks- no freakin' white cast on camera, yuppie!
For foundation I used holy grail Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and a camera-loving Guerlain Meteorites Compact Powder (review here) which really perfects the skin.

So...what do you think? She's a real beauty, right? In fact, I could easily see her work as a model.
She's quite photogenic and my sister made pictures in no time.