15 Apr 2014

MUST HAVE: Stargazer Lipstick 106 - True NEON Pink Red

I'm not joking around when I say neon. This is the most neon, brightest lipstick you will probably EVER come across.  It's so neon, you can still see it as bright in the dusk and at night. If you love bright shades for Spring, then this is definitely the best 3,50 GBP you'll ever spent. Stargazer is known for their funky colors and affordable prices. I was totally convinced I needed Stargazer lipstick 106 when I saw post from Star Violet Beauty Blog

Stargazer #106 lipstick is actually a perfect mix between pink,coral and red. Looks super orange-red in the tube but applies way more pink, like a neon marker actually. Imagine mixing up orange and pink marker. Even camera can't pick up the brightness and I was quite schoked when I saw it in person. I'm not sure if most of you (and me) would wear it straight from the bullet but I love dabbing it with my fingers or sheer it out. It's also perfect for Korean gradient lips since it doesn't budge when you apply it. 
Speaking about texture, it's pretty much creamy and ''solid'' in a good way. You don't want to see it smearing all over your face, especially when it's so hardcore pigmented. And it stains so much you're guaranteed to have it on your lips for entire day (or two). Packaging is rubbish but bearable for the price. I actually can't find any other downsides. Doesn't have any particular scent.

All in all, I adore this lipstick for almost a year now. I was way too lazy to take pictures of this neon goodness and scared at the same time to make it injustice. You definitely need courage to wear it but you won't leave a summer party unnoticed. Acts also really well as a stain. This one will transform your perception of lipsticks.
You can get it on Ebay for 3,50 GBP here.