31 May 2014

Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Review, Swatches - Feeling Feline, Hug Me

After reading several posts from German bloggers I knew I had to pick up fairly old Astor Lipcolor Butters. Unfortunately you can only get them in Germany and Austria. Correct me if I'm wrong. If I correct myself - Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butters are now one of my favourite pencil sticks I won. They give colour, balm texture and shine as they promise. I was highly impressed by their color selection and high pigmentation.
 Texture is pretty amazing since they feel like true lip butters which I actually miss with Revlon Lip Butters. They don't irritate my lips after wearing them for several hours and they smell like true vanilla.
Longevity is not the best - I get 3-5 hours at most but I don't mind reapplying. 
Now, the only bad thing is creaminess- they easily melt and transfer. The bolder color - Feeling Feline - is less creamy than the nude which makes it less melty and easy to manage throughout the day. As I've said I'm not sure about other bold colors but I've heard they should be used with a lip pencil.

Feeling Feline is a gorgeous coral-red-pink mixture without any shimmer. 
Hug me is what a call a healthy nude- darker pink brown with golden shimmer. Shimmer is visible on the lips only as a slight golden sheen which doesn't bother me (and I hate shimmer in general).

I can compare them to other pencil form lipsticks.
These are comfortable as Bourjois Color Boost, less heavy than Revlon Lip Butter, give shine like Revlon Lacquer Balm and smell like vanilla cupcake. They are pretty much the round up of everything from other brands. They are also much more affordable than most- for example Bourjois and Revlon don't retail their pencil sticks under 10€. 

I'm truly stoked over these lip butters since they offer what they claim and more.
They really feel like butter, give extra shine and plump and they smell divine.
They retail for around 6,99€ each which is a bargain for such a a lovely lip product. 
You can find them in Mueller, Bipa and DM in Germany and Austria. You can also try Ebay. I'm afraid this review won't help much those who don't have access to Astor. Please leave me a comment if you've spotted Astor anywhere else than in mentioned countries.