10 May 2014

Beauty Blender Review and Comparison with Real Techniques Sponge

Who doesn't know about Beauty Blender by now?
I was pretty happy with my Real Techniques Miracle Sponge until Charlene sent me Beauty Blender...I'm pretty much hooked.
Beauty Blender is one of those multi-tasking products you don't actually need but you're hooked once you try it. I actually can't imagine applying foundation without a sponge and I was heavy believer brushes and fingertips do the best job. It's that lovely feeling when you don't have to make your hands dirty with foundation on every day basis but you still get a flawless, dewy and natural finish. It makes life easier - that's why it's so popular. I would actually never consider giving up 25$ for a sponge that you will eventually throw away but I'm glad Charlene introduced me to this glorious product.

You can use Beauty Blender for various things: Applying foundation, concealer, cream highlighter and bronzer, cream blushes and even pressed powder. I find it perfect for dry skin since it sheers out foundation and gives extra glow. It's especially effective with Revlon Colorstay - you get extra time before it dries and it's not flat looking after application. I find it perfect for smoothing foundation and powders on the end. It makes skin look less powdery.

Keep in mind that you have to wet and wash it with every usage. I also like to disinfect sponges in microwave every once in a while for half of minute. I also recommend natural bar soaps since they clean sponges better than liquid soap. I'm also surprised that Beauty Blender doesn't really stain as much as RT sponge. I really didn't think I would love this pink sponge so much and I can see myself repurchasing it - if it will last more than 4 months. 
Negative sides? 
Washing and cleaning, slight stains over time, storage and expensive price.

I'm pretty happy with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge but I find it slightly less bouncey and more dense. It also soaks up more foundation and it's heavier to clean and get rid of stains. They both loose their color eventually but I find RT sponge over 4 months like a soggy diaper. It doesn't bounce back and hardly gets back it's shape. Maybe I just got a faulty one, it didn't bounce back as my mum's one.
 I also like BB shape better than RT but that's just personal taste. Other dupes I've tried so far can't even compare to Beauty Blender. They are too stiff, dense and hard to ''bounce'' on your delicate skin. 

So, if you want a good sponge try Real Techniques Miracle Sponge for 7,79€.
If you have some spare money I suggest you to try out Beauty Blender, it's all in all - a cult beauty item.
 It's seriously that good but beware - your product standards will raise hell-of-a-lot. As I've said, I think I'll repurchase it if it will last more than 4 months. I'm pretty much exchanging Beauty Blender and Real Techniques sponge weekly/daily.
I'm really grateful Charlene got me BB and actually changed my daily makeup routine.
You can buy Beauty Blender for 20€ on BeautyBay and Real Techniques Sponge for 7,79€ on FeelUnique.