17 Jun 2014

Essence Effect Eyeshadow UK's Stonehenge

Today's special guest is a fairly new product from Essence Spring 2014.
As you may already know Essence adds new products every Spring and Autumn. 
Effect eyeshadows are basically cream eye products.
A lot of people (including me) already enjoyed their past Stay all day cream shadows which were discontinued a while ago. After trying this particular new cream shadow I can definitely notice that Essence clearly stepped up their game.

Cream eyeshadow (7ml) comes in a transparent tube with a precise applicator. 
You can easily spot color of every single tube and see the progress of usage. 
I choose 06 UK's Stonehenge which is a perfect metallic taupe with shimmer
Tube claims long lasting effect so I wanted to test longevity on my own. I wore this cream/liquid shadow for several times without any powder products over or additional primers. I was impressed - it stayed on the entire day without smearing, smudging or fading! It's super opaque so you'll need only a tiny teardrop of this product for both eyes. 

Now the only downside is application. Since it's more liquid-y you should be careful with first layer. I usually apply these kind of products with Mac 217 or similar blending brushes. One layer is enough to achieve opaque and even application. It rather turns a bronze-brown shade when you sheer it out and gets pretty metallic and taupe when layered. I usually apply two layers - one for blending out and one for metallic effect on the middle.
Second good or bad thing (depending on your shadow preferences) considers shimmers. They usually stay on my eyes pretty well and don't transfer. If you hate shimmer and sparkly finishes I'm afraid this won't get proper love from your side.

I love wearing this multidimensional product on everyday basis but it won't make your makeup routine any shorter or easier. I use up the same amount of time for blending this as for any other powder eyeshadows. It dries up quite fast so you'll need to work with it efficiently and gradually.

Effect eyeshadow reminds me a lot on my Becca Eye tints and Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeshadow paint (review here). Becca is definitely more application-friendly and more silicone-y so it's a dream to work with. Rimmel is definitely similar in fast drying and longevity however I find Essence more workable (if that makes sense). Nothing can't beat Becca Eye Tints in my eyes but this is definitely a pretty close drugstore dupe with lovely metallic finish.

I definitely want other shades now - 3 neutral and 3 colourful shades.
They retail for 2,99€ and are exclusively available only on 3-meter long stands in Mueller.
Sadly, I haven't spotted these in Slovenia yet but you can get them in Austria or Germany - for now.
I think I'll make a petition for not having all Essence products in Slovenia.