23 Jul 2014

Dior Fluid Stick (Wonderland 575) Comparison, Dupes and Review

Dior Fluid Stick made me rethink lipsticks twice.
It has an innovative new formula that makes a perfect lip hybrid of lipgloss, lipstick and stain. Yes, I'm charmed - in fact, totally charmed. Dior describes it as lip hybrid that has fabulous wear, high impact and glossy color. As superficial as it sounds, I only bought this lip product because of packaging since I don't care much about glossy lips. But the formula impressed me SO much I even want to get more colors and I might reclaim Dior Fluid Stick as my ultimate favourite product. If I only got to choose one lip product from my stash - this would definitely be my first and only choice.

First of all, can we just appreciate the stunning packaging Dior does? I could stare at this lip hybrid for months. Packaging is actually from some sort of glass - it feels just enough heavy and luxurious in hands. 
Wonderland 575 in particular is a stunning pink red that has some extra neon and coral hues. It's pretty hard to describe this color since it's daytime appropriate yet you definitely get noticed. 
Formula is a total success in my book. I actually have difficulties to describe it. When you first apply it, it feels like a ''heavy'' jelly/gloss. It can actually smear easily on your teeth in this first stage. After 2 minutes you can feel change in the formula. It transforms from jelly to more lightweight,watery consistency yet it grips onto your lips really well. In this stage I'm totally careless about smudging. It stays put for good 7-9 hours in my case and doesn't transfer anywhere. I actually always forget that I'm wearing lipstick.

Finish and longevity is transforming with each hour. When you first apply it, it's a gorgeous wet-look finish (not heavily glossed out) with high intensity color. After 1 hour you can see it changing from glossy to creamy finish due to water-based formula. I actually think this is due to evaporating water over time. After 3-5 hours you're left with a lovely lip color that doesn't have any particular shine. After 5 hours or more color starts fading and you're left with a lovely pink stain that's not patchy in any way. If I eat with it, the main color fades but you're still left with a stain. 
Smell is actually hard to describe. It's a subtle, floral scent that makes you think NEW.
Application is pretty effortless with a heart-shaped applicator. You only need one swipe for full intensity or you can easily build it up for a better staying power. The one thing that really surprised me is the packaging itself- applicator doesn't get messy with build-up product over time. I've been testing Wonderland for almost a month now and you can see the applicator is still pretty pristine and clean looking.

If I sum up everything I said: gives you a plump, wet look on beginning - transforms into a creamy lipstick - leaves a lovely stain on your lips on the end.

Dior Fluid Stick in 575 Wonderland

Now onto dupes of Dior Fluid Stick Wonderland. 
Mac Relentlessly Red is a slightly pinkier and matte. Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar is a touch more coral but with similar finish. Bourjois Rouge Velvet 02 Frambourjoise is definitely more red, not as neon, darker and with matte finish. Bourjois Red Sunrise is not as vibrant in person but gives a balmy finish with more subtle red look. Catrice Kiss Kiss Hibiscus (old, glossy version) is too pink and light to call it a comparable dupe. I would say Rimmel Apocalips - Stellar is the closest in terms of color and finish, however Mac Relentlessly Red isn't far behind.

L to R: Dior Wonderland(575), Mac Relentlessly Red,  Rimmel Stellar, Bourjois Frambourjoise, Bourjois Red Sunrise, Catrice Kiss Kiss Hibiscus

Comparing Dior Fluid Stick formula to other similar hybrids from L'oreal and Maybelline is quite frankly impossible. Sure, they all have similar concept but none of them has the same longevity as Dior.
 L'oreal Extraordinaire Liquid lipstick has a strong peach scent and packaging si really out-dated gold without any tags. In terms of formula it's pretty much like a balmy gloss with slight shimmer that feels comfortable on the lips. It lasts about 2-3 hours on me.
Maybelline Color Elixirs are quite similar to L'oreal with same balm-like texture and shine. Scent is pretty strong and reminds me on Monoi oil. Packaging is quite similar to Dior but made out of plastic. In terms of longevity, they stay on my lips for about 3-5 hours. 
Both, L'oreal and Maybelline don't give full opaque color since they're semi transparent.
Applicator-wise they all have similar concept but with different shapes. Maybelline applicator has some texture to it, L'oreal one can split and Dior one is a standard almond/heart applicator.

L to R: Dior Wonderland, Maybelline Fuchsia Flourish, Maybelline Rose Redefined, L'oreal Rose Melody

I'm sure you already know what's my verdict. Dior Fluid Sticks are absolutely amazing and quite unique in my humble opinion. Since I picked up a stronger shade I can't really guarantee you'll be equally satisfied with their nude/light shades. The main factor that makes me love Dior so much is longevity and formula which is easier to achieve with bold colors rather than lighter shades. So yes, I totally recommend you to try them out. It's a staple in my stash. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm sure you can test it out before hand on Dior counters. And trying them on a hand doesn't count, you need to experience it on your lips.
I got my Dior Fluid Stick off of Ebay for less than 26€, however original price is about 33€.
You can find Dior at your local counters, in Slovenia at Muller and Salma.si (about 30€).


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  5. What an awesome product! And the color looks amazing on you. I wish more lipsticks came with a gloss top like that! :L

    1. thank you <3 wish they will replicate it soon hehe

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  14. The Dior fluid sticks sound gorgeous, they're a little out of my price range at the moment but I'm really tempted to check out the Maybelline ones! <3 xx


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