16 Jul 2014

London Haul - Boots, Mac, Primark, Urban Outfitters, Topshop

Oh man, where should I start? 
First of all I would like to thank my aunt and cousins for putting so much effort into our London trip.
It's was a pure joy to see the other side of London, not just tourist perspective. As you may already know I'm pretty proud to say my cousin visits Royal School Ballet so entire family is pretty ''home-y'' in London by now. You can see our trip photos on my Instagram (here) and my sister's Instagram (here) - go say hi to her! I think I've fallen in love - in London that is. I must say I quite enjoy massive crowds, weirdly enough.
Of course there was a lot of shopping too - mainly Boots and Primark. I'm sure UK girls will understand the fact we went to Primark and Boots every single day. I'm actually really proud with myself - I picked up only the things I really wanted. Mac was the only real splurge and even that I got with Back2Mac and in Duty free when boarding on a plane. Pretty much I got everything on some kind of an offer.

Soap&Glory was on 3 for 2 offer so I couldn't resist picking up some make-up and travel size products.
I actually regret buying only their new pencil concealer.
N'7 also caught my eye with their 3-5 pounds vouchers so I picked up their BB Lips Balm (Clarins Lip Perfector dupe) and Cleansing oil. I was amazed how expensive is actually N'7.
I also picked up Bourjois cream blush and Nivea Caramel lip butter since we don't have these particular products here. Of course Barry M Gelly nail polishes were a must- Papaya, Blue Grape, Greenberry. Seventeen Skin Wow highlighter is a really potent liquid highlighter that's much more luminous than L'oreal Lumi Magique. From the Rimmel counter I only got unsung Notting Hill nude lipstick, Brixton Brown palette and Wake me up foundation which actually MATCHES my complexion!

 Topshop & Mac
Well, Topshop had loads of lovely colors but they were all similar to my already extensive collection. I ended up picking Oh La La - coral lipstick, Shuffle the Cards eyeshadow - rose gold with green hue, Domestic Goddess nail polish.

At Mac counter I picked up 2 lipsticks. Peach Blossom, a perfect pink nude and Relentlessly Red which is a bright coral-pink-red. I was sold after seeing them on Mateja's Beauty Blog but I was determined only to pick them up if I'm lucky enough to spot Mac at duty free with 20% off. Do I need to mention I was buying Mac products at 6.30 in the morning?
On top of all - lady at Mac counter misunderstood me and gave me Russian Red. Thank god I checked the shade before boarding and run to exchange it. I would die out of misery because I hate true reds.
I also swatched some of their eyeshadows and feel in love with Star Violet (Veluxe Pearl) which is a lovely bronze-cranberry I would say? How come I never hear about this shade? It's more neutral than Cranberry yet more plummy than Sable. 

Of course the first things I picked up landing in the UK were magazines with freebies. Like a need another batch of lip crayons and lip balms.

Last but not least my love-hate relationship with buying clothes. Luckily enough I found everything in Primark and Urban Outfitters so I didn't have to think twice. Of course I looked up Aldo, New Look, Miss Selfridges, Topshop but nothing caught my eye.

I have to say I'm really proud I picked up everything wisely. I'm sure those of you who visit London regularly know how hard it is to resist buying cute bits and bobs.
Nonetheless I really enjoyed out trip and bonding with my family. I also got a chance to watch my cousin dance in the Royal Opera House and I must say I was feeling so proud I got teary eyes on the beginning- but shhhhhhh, it's a secret.


  1. WOW! loads of goodies to play around with! fab haul!

    zara xx

  2. I am sooo jealous! O, Relentlessly Red si kupila :) Takoj bi imela full size, čeprav imam če dosti testerja. My favourite shade ever :)

    1. Res je lepa, ampak mislim da je enaka Dior Wonderland barvi - ampak ne škodi več finišev :D

    2. Really? Moram it pogledat. Če je podoben, then I obviously need it :D

  3. Wow what a great haul! Mac's Peach Blossom has been on my wish list forever!


    1. Thank you, I wanted Hue at first but Peach Blossom looked more wearable in person :) You need it!

  4. Tudi jaz grem jutri na potovanje, komaj čakam nove kozmetične "ulove" :D

    1. Uuu, se že veselim objave :) Veliko uživanja ti želim!

  5. Oo ja, js tud že pridno sestavljam seznam za oktober :) Sem zdajle dodala še par stvari, ko sem jih pri tebi videla.
    Poročaj kako bo ta N7 cleansing oil.

  6. Ulalala... fouš! Jaz bi pomojem prišla domov s petimi vrečkami, predvsem Soap&Glory izdelki, pa tudi kaj od MAC-a. :) Upam, da boš kmalu objavila kakšne ocene/swatche. ;)

  7. That's a really awesome haul! Love your choice of MAC lipstick :D

  8. Joj same hude stvari si si nakupila :)) Jst tut komi čakam da se čimprej vrnem kej v London, da grem malo po nakupih :)


  9. Aaa, zavidam! :) še posebej za obisk London (ker je res perfect) in pa Soap&Glory in MAC stvari<3

  10. from the first picture I want all hehehe


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