20 Jul 2014

Topshop Chameleon Glow Shuffle the Cards eyeshadow

Can I just shot myself for bringing home only one Topshop Chameleon Glow eyeshadow?
As the name suggests these multi-dimensional chameleon eyeshadows are perfect for festival season
I was pretty convinced I will like at least one of them but oh, boy -  I freakin' adore everything about it!
I can't even describe with words how much I love this particular eyeshadow for only 8 pounds. 

Shuffle the Cards it's a perfect shimmery goodness with rose gold base and  pink, green, orange hue
Pictures just don't do it justice so I actually recommend you picking up one immediately (Topshop seems to change up their things quite frequently). Pigmentation is quite outstanding- like a repressed pigment. It feels dry on the touch yet it applys buttery smooth. I had no troubles layering shadow over any primer but I prefer it over my UD Eden or white base. It's easily blendable and pretty much perfect in every aspect. I usually just dab it with my fingers on centre or bring it over entire eyelids and blend it out with a matte shade. Effect is even more visible on the eyelids- when you're moving your eyes it's pretty much a magical moment. I regularly change up my everyday makeup items but this cute pot seems to be my favorite eyeshadow for summer.

Shuffle the Cards eyeshadow just doesn't need any corrections - it's perfect as it is.
Topshop also suggest you to use it as a highlighter which makes sense for festival season but wouldn't recommend it on a daily basis. It's just too multi-dimensional to make it work for every day.
You can get 3 shades from Chameleon Glow range for 8 GBP on Topshop website (international shipping).


  1. What a lovely lil review! I really love how you photograph your products <3

    zara xx

    1. Thanks, you made my day <3 Love your blog too!

  2. Oh my! This looks amazing! Will be running off to Topshop at the weekend! xx


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