16 Oct 2014

Catrice & Essence Blogger Event Slovenia - Fall 2014

I'll just start saying there's no words to express overwhelming thoughts from yesterday's Blogger Event in Slovenia, Ljubljana. But I wanted to put out fresh thoughts and first impressions. Essence and Catrice (Cosnova) did it again and overtook minds of beauty bloggers for a decent period of time. Last year was a blast and you can read all about it here but they managed somehow to put even more effort into this year's event. There were over 20 bloggers from Slovenia, which is frankly quite a big bite (but a successful one). I enjoyed cosy atmosphere while gazing at new makeup items and releases. Introduction of both brands was a pleasant point to start and staff from Cosnova made us feel really welcomed. Food, beverages and nail & makeup corner gave a final touch to this experience. Oh, I do think pictures tell more than million words but forgive my lack of creativity.

Big thank you to Catrice and Essence for a creative and fun event that will remain on my mind for some time. Not to mention extensive pile of freshly new makeup to play with. 
So fellow bloggers and readers, what's your main thought about Cosnova events?