25 Oct 2014

Memebox Superbox 2014 Fall/Winter Colors Unboxing

Memebox, monthly subscription box, always surprises with products and themes. This time I got another Superbox (only full size products) with 2014 Fall/Winter Colors theme. It's actually pretty easy to get an idea what to expect with their short description on Memebox website. Fall/Winter 2014 Korean trends suggest jewel tones in green and purple tones, from berry lip to emerald eyes. I was actually not expecting so much green themed products but I've should have known better. When picking out a Memebox of your choice, be careful with their descriptions. They will actually stick to the theme firmly and literally. On top of all, since it's a fall themed box, there are also some bits inspired by witches - really Halloween appropriate.

 Shara Shara Fairy's Perfume Nail - Lilac Bora
My attention was instantly caught by a nail polish. It comes in a heart shaped packaging with a fairy-handle on the top. Almost overly cute, right? Fairy on top is actually pretty scary looking. On the other hand, color of nail polish is a light warm lavender pastel color with silver shimmer. Super adorable color and fully opaque with 2 coats. To make everything even more interesting, nail polish smells like fresh cut flowers and contains 65g of product. 

Witch's Pouch Love Me Blusher - Sexy Swan
Name of this particular shade of blusher is just hilarious. Who wants to be a sexy swan? Although Korean brands can go sometimes overboard with their imagination, blusher isn't that bad. It's finely mild peachy pink with subtle golden sheen really similar to Nars Orgasm. What bother me the most is heavy pigmentation. It's almost impossible to apply this blush on my fair skin. Packaging is sturdy and longevity is really impressive (lasts entire day). Not my favorite blush but overly pigmented dupe for Nars Orgasm.

Yadah Angel Liptint - Red Wine
This is my favorite out of the bunch. Lip tint comes in a lovely, sturdy packaging with doe foot applicator and smells absolutely delicious. It has a candy-like fruity scent and stains evenly all over the surface of the lips. Color is a lovely berry-pink rather than red. Stains light enough and it's water based so you actually don't feel it on your lips. Love Korean lip tints!

Witch's Pouch POPO Lipstick - Orchid Plum
I truly wanted to love this particular lipstick. It's a lovely medium plum purple but I found loads of similar shades in my stash. What makes this lipstick special is longevity, it stains for a good amount of hours. Lipstick is slightly too drying for my liking but I appreciate strong staining power.

DD'ell Eyeshadow - Shimmer Green
My least favorite item is this sheer, shiny, shimmery light green. Korean eyeshadows are in particular really sheer and shiny to accentuate mono eyelids but I prefer sticking to regular European eyeshadows. Pigmentation is there but nothing worth mentioning. I can feel higher quality texture but that doesn't change my mind around shimmery shades, especially around green shades.

DD'ell Stay Forever Gel Pencil - Garden Light and Twilight Purple
I highly appreciate eye pencils in subscription boxes since I usually don't buy them myself. But of course, grass green shimmery shade left me cold. On the other hand, Twilight Purple is a beautiful medium lavender with pink shimmer. Formula wise, they are buttery smooth and highly pigmented. They are not suitable for tight lining but are great for smudging and all over lid color.

Before we actually publish unboxing of Memebox, they are usually sold out. Instead, you can check out new themes every week but be fast with ordering since best ones are sold out in a day. Usually they repeat certain popular themes so don't worry. You can choose between Superbox, which has only full size products for around 30$, or Memebox with a mix of full size and sample products from 15-29$. I'm currently eyeing My Lovely Boutique, Makeup Edition 3, Princess Edition Tinkerbell here and CutiePieMarzia 2, Skinfood and The Face Shop box here. I'm especially intrigued by boxes from brands I already love - Skinfood, Etude House, Holika Holika. Of course there's always a discount code for 5$ off: V1C92C.
What are your impressions around Memebox?


  1. Jaz se še odločam ali naj si enkrat naročim to ali pa LookFantastic box :) Koliko časa traja, da pride Memebox do nas?

    1. Do mene ponavadi pride v okoli 4-7 dneh ker pošiljajo z ekspres pošto ampak se vsaka škatla odpošlje določen datum, ki piše na strani. Ponavadi ga že imam doma še preden dobim email, da so odposlali :) Čeprav Feelunique ima tudi zelo dobre stvari.

  2. This looks like a really good selection of stuff (except for that eyeshadow!) Others that I've seen can be a little hit and miss.

  3. These products are all so cute! Looks like a nice box to recieve :D xx

  4. I just received their nail boxes (I bought two older ones on clearance) and the items are all great and you get you money's worth! :) Also subscription boxes are always fun to receive.


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