27 Nov 2014

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm: Review & Application

Want perfect skin? Well, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is a quick option that will make your skin glow from within and benefit at the same time. Beauty Flash Balm helps reducing fine lines and all sorts of tiredness on your face. It's perfect for a night out (or day after in most cases), new year's eve and hectic working days. You can also use it as a treatment mask. I was testing this little beauty gem for over a month and reached a tier, where I can't look back. It's a true essential if you're striving for perfect skin with undetectable glow with no bumps or lumps.

Clarins promises fresh skin, brightening and tightening, long lasting and perfected makeup finish. Of course, there's always a doubt when we're witnessing such claims from a single tube. Starting at the root, Beauty Flash Balm initially won me over with texture. I was pretty familiar with silicone primers beforehand, but never really experienced any benefits from regular, cream-like primers in the drugstore. It comes out as a light, peachy cream with a clean, fresh fragrance. It's in no way tinted but that hint of peach might make the magic itself. It's a lightweight, gel-like consistency which spreads like a dream and absorbs in terms of seconds. Key ingredients are North American hazel, olive extracts which help to improve freshness, while algae and rice starch help to clean and revitalise. Chamomile extract on the other hand helps to calm and soften after/before major stress. You can definitely spot a quick glow right after application but balm itself absorbs pretty quickly and leaves almost undetectable sheen. I was convinced, shimmers are the ones to blame but frankly enough, there is no glitter nor shimmer particles! This is magic.

Beauty Flash Balm does not only help to improve skin elasticity and glow, but also reduces small imperfection. My skin felt smooth after application, while also fresh and even. You can't really expect any major improvements but I've noticed that my small pores around inner cheek area disappear while wearing Beauty Flash Balm. Somehow this balm works great with liquid and mineral foundation. You can check results with liquid foundation after 6 hours here. Since it absorbs so quickly, I also test it with mineral foundation. Usually I can't wear mineral foundation in winter due to my dry skin, but Beauty Flash Balm makes it work. You can see final result with mineral foundation on lower picture. Skin is quite smooth, yet there's almost no dry patches or powdery finish. I can't imagine how much of a difference would make this balm to mature skin. This primer is perfect for special occasions, but not recommended to use every day.

In a nutshell, I'm dangerously addicted to this magical thing. I was pretty confident with my Illamasqua Hydra Veil until now. It perfects my skin with some kind of  invisible power, which I can't explain since there's no shimmer particles. If you're striving for a perfect skin, I highly recommend investing some extra money in base products. With good skincare you can easily achieve a perfect foundation look. Clarins is sold worldwide on their counters for around 25GBP or 33€.
You can also purchase Clarins on Boots (here) and Escentual (here).
 If you're from Slovenia, you can find Clarins in Muller, Beautique (Mercator), Kompas Shop and Nama. 
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm would also be a great Christmas gift, especially for mature and uneven skin.


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    1. Božanski je, ampak cena je za premisliti. Ni pa primeren za vsak dan ;)

  2. A slučajno veš kakšna je kaj cena tegale 'čudeža'? :D Ga je Mateja tudi nekaj omenila na blogu, ampak se mi zdi, da ni še 'pravega' reviewa naredila...

    1. Na Escentual-u je 25GBP, pri nas okoli 33€...ni najcenejši, je pa zelo učinkovit za posebne priložnosti :D


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