24 Nov 2014

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff - What's Nude Quad Review

I've not tried a single thing from Soap&Glory, that I wouldn't like. I adore their scents and like their body products, but what left me speechless is their entire makeup line. They are basically exceptional. Founder of Soap&Glory is Marcia Kilgore, who has amazing knowledge about cosmetics and is also a founder of Bliss spa. Although packaging wasn't my favorite at first, it kind of grew on me with adorable pin-up style. I can confidently proclaim Soap&Glory as my favourite UK brand.
 I only hope they will expand their offer through entire Europe...and soon!

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff in What's Nude is a beautiful neutral palette with 3 matte shades and one eye catching, shimmery taupe. Pigmentation is out of this world - creamy yet with no fallout. I can't even recall the last time I tried so creamy matte shades that don't crumble. Creating an eye look with this beauty gem is easy peasy but with flawless finish. Longevity brings outstanding 8 hours without fading. Lid Stuff is definitely a true staple in my stash, I would repurchase it in a heartbeat. Packaging and size of the pans is spot on similar to Mac. I would be thrilled to see them popping out as magnetic pans but they are unfortunately, glued in. They are a lovely basic addition to any eyeshadow or palette. Palette is sturdy enough for travelling.

I can't think of any better color sheme for pale complexions. Vanilla is a lovely matte ivory that's light enough to highlight even the fairest complexions. It might be similar to Mac Blanc Type. Pink T is a perfect transition dusty rose with matte finish. I would compare it to Mac Malt. Mudhoney on the other hand, is a creamy neutral brown. Makes me think of Mac Cork. Aubersheen is a neutral taupe, similar to Mac Satin Taupe.
 They are all highly pigmented, creamy and without any fallout - pure perfection.

Now the biggest question is: Where to buy? I suggest you to check out their official online store (GER, US, CAN, UK), Ebay and Boots (UK only). Also, Soap & Glory added a new Perfect Ten palette (here), do I need to squeal?!  It contains all of the described colors without Mudhoney. For 11€ this is a fabulous quad that I highly recommend to everyone.
 Since Soap & Glory makeup is hard to come by outside the UK, I suggest you to look through Ebay sellers (international here but ask for shipping costs) or make a fun swap with UK bloggers. I'm sure some of the girls are dying to try out Catrice.


  1. Looks very nice, I like the colors :)


  2. This looks like the perfect little quad. Love the shades!


  3. Prekrasen je. Čisto zame :) Res bi rada preizkusila kaj makeupa od Soap & Glory, ko bi vsaj imeli na Boots International njihove stvari :/

  4. This is a gorgeous quad & the shadows are very typical of what I wear on a daily basis. I have no idea how I haven't bought this, its at the top of my to buy list

  5. Mudhoney <3 Res škoda, da niso lažje dostopni tudi na našem trgu.


  6. This looks like great starter eyeshadow kit, or one for travelling!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. Ful lepe senčke. <3

  8. Res je lepa. Sem jo v Londonu iskala v 5ih različnih Boots-ih pa je bila vsepovsod razprodana :(

  9. Zelo všečni odtenki, res super za vse s svetlejšo poltjo. Meni osebno je všeč, da imajo topel podton. :)

  10. Uuu čista klasika v majhni embalaži. Bere se super! Upam, da bo kmalu tudi nam bolj dostopna!


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