22 Dec 2014

Last Minute Holiday Fragrance Samplin' & Reviews

I never really ventured into different fragrance notes other than fruity and vanilla scents. I mostly stick with my sweet, fruity or spicy scents with exception of Marc Jacobs, my ultimate favourite brand for fresh and innovative scents. I got a generous bunch of perfume samples - so why not sharing it with you? Some of you are certainly picking up last minute gifts or getting money & gift cards to spend. Everyone has a different taste so keep in mind, you might not like the same exact scents nor your skin will react the same. While some scents smell really citrusy on me, they might be more woody on another skin. Preferably try them in stores before you head out and buy a scent you might not like in the future.

My absolute pick of the bunch is Cartier La Panthere. Did I say Cartier? Until recently, I didn't even realise Cartier perfumes exist. I was so struck with the paper sample, I went straight to my nearest Müller and tried La Panthere on my skin. I can't even describe the scent. It's a gorgeous, velvety, winter scent that has a lot of warmth. It's woody at the same time. I would call it a mix of grandma, sophistication, a mix of vanilla and musk. It's also a bit fruity on the beginning, which makes it wearable for day time. Not to mention a perfectly sculpted bottle with panther (I'm such a cat person). Van Cleef & Arpels Gardenia Petale is another undiscovered gem, which was launched in 2009. As the name suggests, this perfume is filled with seductive gardenia. Scent is really similar to a Lush store but more fruity-floral and nature-like, all in one. It's definitely not a fake green scent but works like a  lovely, natural scent straight from your garden (or a green beauty shop). I absolutely adore this scent, I only wish longevity wasn't an issue. I have a hunch gardenia must be my thing.

My second favourite are Marc Jacobs fragrances in general. I actually own both - Dot and Daisy along with Oh,Lola and Daisy Dream. Their style of scents grew on me after trying stash from my sister. Fresh, airy and different is what I would call the entire  Jacobs bunch. Daisy is a staple of sour freshness while Dot is a bit more bitter, green and fresh for Spring. Daisy Dream is for those, who love clean blanket kind-of-scent with captured fresh air. If you want to start with one, you can't miss with Daisy. Lanvin Me L'absolu is a fairly new and young scent with main notes of white flowers. It's girly yet grown up at the same time. I can detect mandarin freshness on the beginning but develops into a jasmine, peony scent after. A soft scent, appropriate for young women. It's not my favourite but quite likable for wider audience.

Third hefty category of pure perfection includes ChloéI'm definitely not unfamiliar with their scents, my personal top picks are L'eau de Chloé (which was actually my recent purchase for my sister) and See By Chloé. L'eau de Chloé is similar to a walk into the woods in Spring, freshly green like lily of the valley. If you were one of those, who spend a lot of time in the woods with your grandma, this is probably the most nostalgic scent ever. See By Chloé never caught my attention due to unfamiliar Chloé bottle. It's powdery yet fresh and fruity. You can easily detect vanilla in the background and imagine a white wonderland. To me, it's another unique scent you can't miss out. Others like Love Story Chloé, Roses de Chloé, Love Chloé didn't quite caught my attention although I do like original Chloé.

Thierry Mugler Alien and Angel, cult classics, are quite likable as well. Let me note, I never got so many compliments on my perfume as with these two. Actually, women wanted to know exactly which perfume it is for trying it out. Alien Eau Extraordinare has white flowers and citrus notes on the beginning, but develops into an all rounder. It's gentle yet strong enough to leave an impact. Highly recommend. On the other hand, Angel is a spicy, gourmet scent with coconut, melon, mandarin orange, jasmine, cotton candy and bergamot. Middle notes include honey, apricot and other food-like notes. I find it quite exhilarating but you definitely won't be able to wear it every day. Tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk, vanilla, dark chocolate, caramel make this scent hefty and sweet. Actually, it's a huge hit or a miss, depending on how much sweetness can you bear. Jimmy Choo Flash is a standard, night out scent with captivating white flowers. It isn't anything special in my book, but have to give it a big thumbs up for longevity.

Calvin Klein and Cavalli perfumes are my least favourite out of the bunch. They both give me headaches and scents in general don't suit my skin. On top of all, bottles aren't really attractive - but that's just my personal taste. Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty is another fruity, white floral scent that's gentle but quite ordinary. Down Town by Calvin Klein has a young vibe with main notes of gardenia, pink pepper, violet and cedar. This floral-woody scent is kind of unique yet familiar to other low-end fragrances. Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum is a heavier, with lots of  vanilla and white flowers. It's categorised as oriental-floral.

You can get most of these perfumes worldwide or online,
Slovenian readers can find all of these in MüllerNama, Mercator Beautique & Kompas Shop.


  1. Meni pa je Cavalli-jev parfum noro všeč. Kje dobiš vse te testerčke? :)

  2. Oooh! Recently I've been wanting that fresh clean scent and I discoverd Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana. I looove it. Give that a try too!

  3. Well, really nice bunch of samples. My favourite from them is Lanvin Me L'absolu! But i also like Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum very very much. It is a matter of personal taste, reason and situation:)


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