30 Dec 2014

Nuts about Nuts & Cocoa

When it comes to body and skin care, I get easily bored with scents. Floral fragrances aren't my top choice in the first place but I love all kinds of fruity scents. What turns me off when using fruity bodycare, is that I get tired of particular scent and I can't seem to finish entire tub of lotion or butter. Usually fruity bodycare gets bad or I throw it into my mom's bin. What I've discovered recently, is that I can tolerate nutty & warm scents a lot easier on a long run. They are bearable in all seasons, yet I have a soft spot for nutty & cocoa scents in Winter. Let me present you current top picks for neutral-nutty scents and a tiny stash of sensual, warm cocoa bodycare.

Let us start with cocoa bodycare, which is usually popular among women. I've talked loads about Badgers Mocha Cocoa Lip Balm (3,7€ on iHerb/Ecco Verde) in my previous posts (lipbalm collection here). It's a true cocoa-coffee scent, similar to hot chocolate with coffee flavour. Lipbalm is highly nourishing and soft. It's a natural & cruelty free lipbalm, filled with good ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, rosemary, rosehip and aloe extract. I still highly recommend to check out Badger if you fancy gourmet scents. Yves Rocher Cocoa & Raspberry Body Lotion (8,90€ on Yves Rocher) smells like chocolate Frutabela - I'm sure Slovenian readers know what I mean. Forest fruits mixed with chocolate ganache. It's a yummy scented body lotion that sinks into the skin quickly. It's not the most nourishing thing but keeps you soft for a day or two. Yves Rocher Cocoa & Pistachio Hand Cream (3,50€ on Yves Rocher) is a lightweight hand cream that smells a bit like marzipan. It's not totally pistachio-like but still heavenly enough for your sweet tooth. Not deep repairing but great on the go. Yves Rocher Cocoa Collection is limited to last holiday season and super affordable, but you can still spot a discount on this and Fruit Noirs collection in January. 

Now onto my favourite part of neutral, nutty scents. Balea Bodybutter Nuss (2,99€ in DM) has a lovely, mild hazelnut scent that is spot-on like Monte hazelnut dessert. I was so thrilled to find this beauty gem, that I had to test it out immediately. Not only it smells heavenly (but still subtle enough), it leaves a lovely soft skin due to hazelnut oil. I woke up with amazingly soft skin yet the texture is super buttery and thick. Butter sinks into the skin in terms of seconds. It's easily comparable to The Body Shop, no sticky residue and a captivating smell. I did notice a bit more alcohol-like smell once it's on the skin - probably due to high levels of alcohol in the product. I usually stay away from Balea body butters because of lotion texture but this particular butter truly deserves to be called a butter. Highly recommend if you don't mind higher levels of alcohol. The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter (18€ on The Body Shop) has a subtle creamy nutty scent that's not too harsh or chocolate-y. Texture is semi-thick and easy to spread out. It nourishes really well and leaves your skin looking glowy. Worth checking out if you're craving a warm scent yet you'd love to use it in the Spring as well. Speaking of The Body Shop, Brazil Nut Body Mist ( 12,50€ on The Body Shop) is the most captivating body spray I ever had. It smells like a warm vanilla with added roasted brazil nuts. Doesn't linger as long as I've hoped but it's still worth trying. I usually combine it with my rich vanilla scents. L'occitane Almond Shower Oil (18-22,40€ on L'occitane/FeelUnique) is a cult classic, not to be missed out. It's incredibly nourishing as a shower oil yet it smells like warm vanilla and almond. Since it has an oily texture it's also great for dry skin and shaving. This 250ml tube will last you a long time and it's worth every extra penny. You probably already own Labello Macadamia & Vanilla Lip Butter (2,70€ in drugstore/iHerb), another staple in blogger-sphere. It has an addictive, edible scent with creamy texture and cute packaging. A winning release this year.

Did you find any interesting scents this year? What's your biggest scent obsession? Leave me your recommendations and suggestions!