12 Dec 2014

Soap&Glory Solar Powder

I might start to annoy you, but my love for Soap&Glory is true. Next up on my blog list is Solar Powder, a mix&match multishade bronzer as brand itself calls it. Testing a bronzer is quite a task in my book. Since I'm usually relying on my trusty blushes, I'm just not intrigued by bronzers. On top of all, my fair skin tone makes entire bronzer experience even more difficult. I can look muddy or too brown in my face in no time. Now let us see if Solar Powder makes the cut.

What makes me intrigued by Solar Powder is the ability to mix up your own bronzer shade. In my case, I opt for the lightest shade possible. With this bronzer, you can adjust intensity even by seasons. You might know the drill when your lightest bronzer doesn't preform as beautifully in Summer. Not that I get tanned or anything, but I would imagine it being a perfect gimmicky thing for most girls. Darker skin tones could use the lighter shade as a golden highlighter too. Texture is superb as I expect from Soap & Glory. Almost no fall-out, highly pigmented and easy to use. Cardboard packaging is usually a no-no, but seems sturdy enough to handle a travel or two.

The greatest glow on earth? Perhaps, if we don't take it too literally. Bronzer has an duochrome overspray that gets used up after first application. After that, darker side is totally matte, while lighter side offer a tiny glimpse of shimmer. When everything is mixed together, you get a balanced amount of both worlds - matte enough for all over application and shimmery enough to use as a blush. It's definitely not too shimmery, so you can use it as a contour powder if that's your thing. If we look at the color, it's pretty straight forward warm shade but still workable for lighter skin tones. 

I would actually recommend this bronzer to all of you, who tan really easily in the Summer. This way you'll save up some money with this 2-in-1 mixing bronzer. In case of pale complexions, you can find better, lighter bronzers with less warm tones. It's not my first bronzer pick, however strongly standing third in the row. 
You get generous 9g for about 14€ on Soap&Glory website or Ebay (here). 


  1. Love the look of this product! I have not tried many soap and glory products, shock horror! btw love that jumper!


  2. I love this product & have used it so much since I bought it earlier this year. Its such a good colour combo for me & it gets a lot of use


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