4 Dec 2014

Soap a Gift & 7 Uses for Soap

If you're looking for an eye catching gift for your loved ones, look no further. Soaps are great as a stocking fillers as well as a fun gift for your friends, co-workers or yourself. Soap is definitely not boring as it sounds, you can use it in multiple various ways. Along with obvious reasons like washing hands, you can use soap for/as:

  • brush cleanser, nothing cleanses dried liquid foundation better than plain old soap
  • body cleanser, can be drying but great for bumpy skin
  • softening rough patches of skin (particularly feet) along with water
  • closet refreshener, add to your clothes for making them smell nice
  • cleaning glue from glass jars, particularly removing candle wax
  • pincushion, just wrap it up in fabric and pin your pins for extra fragrance
  • shaving cream substitute if you're running out of your favourite shaving item

Lately, I've been loving Lush and Bomb Cosmetics purely because of amazing smell and mild cleaning properties. They are both cruelty-free, vegetarian and gentle to the skin. Both brands are actually from the UK. Of course they're not terribly hydrating but quite creamy comparing to a regular soap.

 If you're craving a caramel/honey dessert, Lush got you covered. Honey I washed the Kids smells like toffee cream dessert with a hint of honey. It's definitely an earthy scent rather than purely sugared scent. A returning cult favourite that I always buy for nostalgic reasons. I love to use it for cleaning my synthetic brushes since it's not too harsh yet removes stubborn dirt. 
For 4,95€ you get 100g of soap here.

Bomb Cosmetics soap in Strawberry Fields is another great all-rounder with essential oils. You can only imagine how good this smells like. Has a yummy, fruity smell that borders more on candy-like scent. It's a fresh strawberry scent with apples and a hint of creaminess. On top of all, every soap has a quirky note on the back to cheer up your mood. Strawberry Fields would be a perfect soap for everyone, who loves girly and fruity scents. Definitely an addictive soap for almost a fraction of Lush price.
 Costs 3,18€ for a 100g chunk here.

Lush and Bomb Cosmetics deliver with their soaps. They both also offer a great variety of bath bombs and skincare. Of course we cannot expect miracles in terms of hydration and squeaky feeling but they are a great 2 in 1 mood lifters. I love to use soaps for cleaning my stubborn, synthetic brushes and making my bathroom smell delicious at the same time. If you want to gift a soap, you can personalise it with ''7 Uses for Soap'' note - just a small hint.
 Lush is sold worldwide and online
Bomb Cosmetics recently joined Click2Chic family, so it's widely available in Slovenia. They offer great Christmas sets as well as scented candles, bath bombs, lotions, peelings, massage bars and essential oils here. For UK readers you can order their products here.


  1. Such a lovely post! Love the many ways of using soap <3


  2. What a great post. I have never tried LUSH soap, although Im always tempted by it. I think I will treat myself to some & see how many ways I can use it

  3. Imam to milo - Strawberry Fields in res cela kopalnica diši čudovito. Čeprav drugače nisem fan trdih mil, sploh ne za telo. Bodo pa vsaj moji čopiči odlično dišali:).


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