24 Jan 2015

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Review & Swatches - 4 Shades on Fair Skin

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition has the most perfect drugstore lipsticks for matte effect. Being a huge fan of matte lipsticks (especially when it comes to vibrant colors), I'm absolutely stoked over their comfortable wear with no cracking or tugging. Do I have to say they stepped up their game with longwearing effect for over 6 hours? You're care free for almost entire day without any unnecessary fading. Rouge Velvet collection had way too much red shades for my liking, but after reconsidering entire line I found quite a few picks for myself. They have a hefty 14€ price tag which is quite a lot for a drugstore brand...but in the end, totally worth every extra buck. I got all of these on offer so it's worth waiting for deals to show up.

If you're wondering about texture, these beauties apply liquidy like a gloss and slowly transform into a full matte effect. You have to be extra patient with some colors since matte effect comes after 5 minutes. Still, formula is creamy enough to stay in place. Keep in mind, swatches were made only a few minutes after application so two of them weren't fully matte by then. I get from all shades at least 4 hours of proper wear. While Nude-ist fades first, Grand Cru and Frambourjoise stay on the longest. They all come with a doe-foot applicator, which is easy to handle and use. Packaging is sturdy, adorable and quite heavy for a drugstore item. Pure love.

02 Frambourjoise is a bleached strawberry red that leans toward pink. You already know I despise true reds (including cooler tones) but this one caught my attention as it's not too bright yet not too red. I actually made a comparison of it HERE - a perfect dupe for Dior Fluid Stick Wonderland. It's one of the most longlasting colors with over 7 hours and leaving a stain. It's easy to apply and I had no troubles with formula.

04 Peach Club is a close dupe for Revlon Strawberry Suede. A warm toned orange that's bleached to the point it almost looks like a true peach in the tube. Applied is a whole another story. I was a bit dissapointed with warm orange-red tone, but it is still a lovely shade for warmer skintones. There's just something missing when I'm wearing warm tones. Still though, Peach Club has a lovely formula but needs extra time to dry up.

07 Nude-ist is definitely not a pale nude tone on me. It's a warm medium pink with nude tones that  makes it look milky and subtle. A perfect defining nude, similar to ever so popular Kylie Jenner look. It's quite noticeable yet subtle for every day. It's not as longlasting as Frambourjoise but pretty decent with two layers. I get 4 hours of straight wear. I usually wait for the first layer to dry up and apply another coat. Shade is similar to Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hours in 31 Beige Shooting, which you can check HERE.

08 Grand Cru is a wampy red with cooler tones. Well, where to begin? I almost thought I got a tester since it's so flaky in texture, dry and uneven at first swatch. It's not that bad, don't get me wrong, but you'll be a bit disappointed for the first time. You can get an even result on the lips but you need to be patient for each layer to dry up. Needless to say, you have to layer it two or three times unless you want a streaky finish with one coat. Gorgeous shade, suitable for every skintone, but hard to manage. No dupes in my lipstick collection.

As always, Bourjois blew my mind once again. These liquid, matte lipsticks are perfect for making an impact with extreme longevity. I would highly recommend picking up at least two shades, if not more. I'm personally in love with Nude-ist for every day and Frambourjoise to stand out. Grand Cru is a lovely dark, vampy lipstick but quite a hassle to work with. Still, if you don't mind investing extra time for perfect dark red lips, I could recommend Grand Cru as well. They retail for 12-14€ in most European drugstores, along with Asos, FeelUnique and LookFantastic. Seriously, pick them up!