14 Jan 2015

Yearly US Makeup Swap with beloved Friend

I've developed a firm friendship with Charlene, my favourite ''makeup obsessed buddy''. We met through our blogs, back in the 2011 and yet, still swapping and talking for 4 years. You might imagine we know each other by now quite well - in fact, too well. I must admit, I wasn't the best blogger in the swap department since I missed out photographing a couple of amazing Charlene's packages and boxes. Her gifts are always thoughtful with a personal touch, which is actually the best thing about our swapping. It's exhilarating to see someone from the other part of the world that knows you like her personal glove. This time, our yearly Christmas swap turned into a post-Christmas swap with spring bits (I decided for winter theme, sorry Charlene). For a change, Charlene thoughtfully sent me her favourite bits this year - she is obviously a huge fan of Too Faced. I still remember she was raving about their lipsticks. And Too Faced is a dangerous area to play - she will slowly convert me into a new addiction. Bath&Body Works is always on my wish list which is pretty self explanatory to her by now. On top of all, she added a spring-themed watch to remind me of her and her own handmade bath bomb (which is sadly not visible due to brightness). Huge thank you to my girl from the other side of the ocean.