9 Feb 2015

Defining Nude with Essence Lipsticks: Swatches, Dupes, Comparison

With massive explosion of nudes, I'm doubting you're not searching for your favourite defining nude lipstick by now. They're deep enough to define and accentuate your lips yet they are subtle enough for careless day errands. Honestly, I'm currently in a place, where I'm quite discouraged to wear bright lipsticks, ''too made up'' looks put me off. I could call it a phase or blame extensive ''nude spreading fire''. Essence is definitely not the first place where I would look for my perfect nude. However, color selection and creamy lip liners were a delightful surprise for my newbie obsession.

Essence Longlasting Nude Lipsticks (2,49€, drugstores) caught my attention with new corresponding color packaging. There are 5 shades of different nudes, ranging from extra light to dark nudes. Formula is creamy with no more than 2-3 hours of wear. Personally, texture is a bit too slippery for my taste, while these kind of nudes actually don't need extra work. I wouldn't reach for vibrant colors in Essence line though. They are fully opaque with two generous layers. Yes, touch ups are a necessity and your cup will be left with a nude stain. I love Nude is a limited edition collection that will be permanently available on Essence counters.

05 Cool Nude is a dark brown-rose, a universal lipstick color for all skin tones. Supposedly it's a dupe for Max Faux lipstick (comparison here). Got your attention? In my younger years I would never even reconsider similar types of color but getting older, I'm pretty intrigued by defining neutrals like this. Looks pretty boring in the tube but worn with a smokey eyes it will make all the difference. I've paired Cool Nude with Essence lip liner 05 Soft Berry, a perfect fit.

03 Come Naturally has a lovely balance of grey, pink and nude that allows it to be a perfect pick for fair skin tones and cooler undertones. It definitely won't look too light, brown or orange - which are common ''nude problems'' on light skin. I've paired it with Essence 06 Satin Mauve lip liner to extend longevity and adding extra definition.

You can most certainly notice, there's no spot on match with my higher end lipsticks. But keeping one eye closed, there's a similarity between 03 Come Naturally, Catrice Mauve Your Lips and Topshop Naturist. Actually, they could be really bonded sisters, but not twins. Come Naturally is only slightly more darker, difference is unnoticeable once they're on the lips. Dior Extreme Addict Incognito is also almost spot on, however Come Naturally is more mauve/purple toned. 05 Cool Nude is more rosy than famous Mac Viva Glam II. On pigmented lips, there's no major difference.

Although Essence lipsticks might not have the most perfect formula, you can't really miss with low price and wearable shades. I would recommend picking up these low budget, Mac dupable colors. If you already have a massive collection of nudes and mauves, these will be lost on the bottom of your drawer. 2,49€ is a totally acceptable price for an average lipstick with extensive color selection.