16 Feb 2015

Forest Fairy with DIY Elf Ears

Transiting from winter into early spring...there's definitely (going on) a lot of carnivals or masquerades in every European city. And since I'm a firm believer of having fun at least once (or twice) a year, I came up with an inspired forest green elf or fairy (whatever you prefer) kind of look. If you're familiar with my previous inspired makeup looks, you probably already know I'm eager with last minute photos and running out the door as soon as possible. Again, pictures are kind of a let down the next day but at least I didn't miss all the fun. Anyway, speaking about elf's, I managed to make elf ears one day in advance. Relying on my trusty makeup, I was already a week too late for buying extra fake elf ears. Luckily enough, I stumbled across a really handy DIY Elf Ears Tutorial on Youtube here. And since latex always comes handy for Halloween, I've decided to make them on my own. And it actually works! I highly suggest getting latex for upcoming Halloween or masquerade, it'a a life saver if you're a last minute person like me. 

Makeup was mostly created with pigments from Darling Girl and Geek Chic Cosmetics fot extra glow and shimmer. For lips, Topshop Sashay Away and Mayor's Daughter pigment were a sealed deal. Oh, and exaggerating with false eyelashes is always a good idea for these fun occasions in my book. As for the elf hair, you can easily get away with braids and straighten hair. Hopefully, you got an idea or two for the next similar occasion. It's actually quite alarming how much I enjoy transforming (and changing personality) into a whole another mystical creature. So what's your next mask pick?


  1. I love it :) Trepalnice izgledajo izjemno, kot cel zelen makeup. Se še prav spomnim, ko si bila enkrat srna, kako krasno masko/makeup si imela tudi takrat :)

  2. Pretty! Mi je všeč ta zemeljska kombinacija in ušesa so popolni dodatek:).Trepalnice te naredijo še posebej zasanjano:).

  3. Love the make up, and the green, I did an attempment to make my own versionof Poison Ivy (batman)
    had also green

  4. Mislim, a tebi sploh kak odtenek šminke NE paše? :D


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