15 Feb 2015

Models Own Disco Pants Roxy

Multidimensional purples are most common yet most beloved sort of polishes. What makes Models Own Disco Pants in Roxy different from others, is dimension and illusion of depth. Warm, almost duo chrome effect gives the final touch to this stunningly flashy shade. Applied on nails, it does lose some of mentioned dimension but still manages to stay fairly ''as pretty as in the bottle''. I wouldn't call it a must have, but check it out if you love deep purples with a twist. 
Roxy is fully opaque with 2 coats while still leaving some extra ''surprise factor'' for toppers. Longevity is still average, around 2-3 days tops on my nails.

Prices are considerably fair, around 5,95€ for a bottle. You can find Models Own worldwide in Models Own Bottleshops and specific drugstores. Models Own is also sold on Click2Chic for Slovenian customers.  


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