20 Feb 2015

Project Make A Dent: Makeup I want to use up in 2015

Remember Finish X by X-Mas? I was so successful using up makeup bits, I instantly obligated myself to do another one for 2015. With loosely defined goals of course. That's why, Project MAD or Make A Dent seemed the most obvious choice to me. You choose how many items and which you want to pan or entirely use up in 2015. So here is my bravely picked bunch to which I'll stick for the entire year.

Jemma Kid All Over Radiance Creme is a roll over from my previous Project X by X-Mas. This cream highlighter just won't give up after more than 4 months of continuous usage. I'm confident to say it will be finished until summer. Pixi Flawless Powder has a slight dent but no where near hitting the pan. I already see myself getting bored of it but rotating powder once in a while might keep me focused. Powder itself is just a mediocre quality. Maybelline Color Tattoo Seashore Frosts should be a massive accomplishment once I make a fair dent but I don't expect to fully commit. Maybelline Dream Touch Blush is one of my oldest cream blushes so I need to hurry up with application. It has a really smooth and creamy texture and it would be a shame to see it dry out. Nars Orgasm blush is also an oldie but a goodie, too shimmery and stunning to let it go to waste. I had a fair amount of usage but still no where near the pan. A staple I shouldn't let go to waste. Stila Trio Rose Gold Glow is a neutral baked trio that's easy to use and has stunning pigmentation. I made a major dent in the taupe shade, how predictable of me. 

Lip balms are a no brainer to use within 2 months, so I added Lip Smacker Vanilla Coconut. Lipstick stash is my main concern, so I've tried to focus on lip area the most. Nars Niagara lipstick was a thoughtful gift two years ago. Nars has amazing lipstick quality and texture but due to creamy formula, mine looks like a messy wreck. And since I'm more fond of cool mauve shades, Rimmel Moisture Renew Vintage Rose will be a treat to entirely use up. A stunning darker mauve, quite unique in my collection. Catrice Kiss Kiss Hibiscus is on it's last leg. This little nib could be used fairly quickly, however bold shades are currently not on my radar. I already see myself struggling with this beauty but upcoming spring can change my unsaturated mind. Another darker raspberry colour, Revlon Lip Butter Raspberry Pie, could be my thing. Revlon Lip Butters can be used up really quickly, darker shades on the other hand not so much. We'll see, maybe I'll leave it on the side until fall. TonyMoly Cherry Tint is another roll over. Considering it's a mini trial size, this sucker just doesn't seem to bend over. I'm pretty confident tint will stick around for a long time. I might use it a base for my Raspberry Pie. Etude House Roll Roll Gloss 08 is on it's last leg as well. I have a month of usage. Frankly enough, I care about this lipgloss. It's smells like a delicious banana cream pie, leaves a great non-sticky texture and has a twisting wand. I'm pleased!

Hopefully, post wasn't too tiring. I love writing about project pans and inspire other people to dig into their own collections. I will post updates every once in a while, about every 3 months. Or let's say every season until 2015 ends. Let me know if you like ''Project'' kind of posts, they sure make me a bit more obligated to picked items. On the positive note, project pans also help with less spending and more shopping in your own stash.