11 Feb 2015

Topshop Lipsticks: Perfect Taupe & Brown Lips

Topshop and Topshop Beauty are always following the latest trends for each season. For Autumn 2014 they released a variety of products. Of course, vampy and slightly off ''the comfort zone'' lipsticks immediately caught my attention. Luckily enough, their trend products stay in the regular line permanently or at least for a season or two. Topshop Beauty was fairly recently launched on FeelUniquemaking it just too convenient to pass the opportunity. That means a worldwide availability for all of you too. I had extra hassle finding only Boardroom, which is unfortunately not sold on FeelUnique for some reason. Colors themselves made it all worth the wait.

Being totally honest with you, I miss extra ''grip'' in all three textures. They all have a slightly silicone feel to them, while they're not the best looking on chapped lips. Considering their slippery texture I wouldn't say they're unbearable to wear - precise application and smooth lip texture make them work. Taking into account nude hues and a bit of slipperiness, they last only about 2-3 hours max. They don't have any particular scent. Don't get me wrong, they're not bad at all. I just have to be extra critical for 10,88€ you usually pay for Topshop lipsticks. I had a really pleasant experience with Oh La La lipstick (read about it here) and I expect the same high quality with all of them. Silicone-like texture is really not a big issue but if you're particularly choosy with lipstick texture...here's your answer. With a loose or baby powder you can also easily set them for extra longevity and matte effect. Speaking of finish, Naturist and Boardroom have a satin-like finish, while Sashay Away has a creamy finish with shimmer.

Boardroom (10,88€, Topshop) is a satin true taupe color. It has a balanced mixture of cool and warm, making it perfectly fit every skin tone. It's a cooler version of Mac Spirit. I utterly enjoy this unique shade - it's vampy yet still neutral enough for every day. Love it! The only downside is a bit chalky texture that's hard to apply on the go. A mirror in a pocket is a must with this extraordinary beauty.

Topshop Naturist (10,88€, Feelunique) is on the contrary, a very subtle color. It's in the same color family as Essence Come Naturally and Catrice Mauve Your Lips (view comparison here) with that mauve/cool tone in a rose base. A lovely basic color that would probably suit fair skin tones the most. Has a satin finish that's easy to use.

Sashay Away (10,88€, Feelunique) is a dark chocolate brown with silver shimmer. Literally, but I like how it accentuates my lips and add a subtle shine. Preferably, this lipstick should be used with a lip liner due to it's darkness and slipperiness. It's supposedly a dupe for Tom Ford Bittersweet and Chanel Farouche

Which one I like the most? Of course Boardroom is the most intriguing but looking at the swatches...I think I prefer Sashay Away on myself the most. If you fancy any of the mentioned colors, give them a go! They're pretty great for what they are and I got a lot of use out of them. Just don't consider my negative feelings on the beginning too literally. Snap them up before they're gone, I think Boardroom is already taken out of their online store. You can find Topshop Beauty on official Topshop site or Feelunique.