24 May 2015

MAC Creme Cup Review & Dupes

Creme Cup, an iconic lipstick from MAC. As a younger sister of MAC Angel, it delivers youthful pastel pink with a comfortable Cremesheen finish. All hype around Angel made me second-guess Creme Cup as I wasn't too keen on Angel anyway. Somehow, I was convinced I don't need both, especially not after selling dupable Angel. Furthermore, detailed inspection in the store made me rethink quite light Creme Cup. Indeed, Creme Cup is nothing like Angel yet it's doubtfully similar, but still a better pick for fair skintones. Let me tell you why...

MAC Creme Cup is definitely an eye catcher if you love pink nudes. With a defining pink base and lightened neutral nude property, it's a no brainer. It's like a delicate pastel pink porcelain, vibrant enough to suit any lighter skintones yet cute at the core. In the bullet, it's a perfect neutral pink while it transfers a bit cooler and lighter. In my experience, Creme Cup is what I was looking in MAC Angel. It's light enough for my fair skintone, while it leaves pink hue that's not overpowering the nude effect. Angel was way more medium pink on my skin rather than ''neutral pink nude'' that I was looking for. Talking about Angel...do you need both? Probably not, you should rather pick other shades instead. Keep in mind, Creme Cup is better suited for lighter skintones, while Angel is universally flattering but definitely not a must have ''pink nude'' on fair ladies. Cremesheen formula makes the whole experience a bit more pleasant with creamy rich texture but still pigmented color. Lipstick feels nourishing yet it lasts a decent amount of time. While the color itself looks quite common and I was pre-excited to match a perfect dupe, I had difficulties finding a close shade.


Right now, I don't own any close dupes for MAC Creme Cup. You could maybe find a similar color in extensive Catrice range, while I don't own anything similar from European drugstores. Though, there is an alternative to Creme Cup in the UK. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayon in Bashful (around 10€) leaves a similar color with multiple layers. It has a glossier finish and the color itself is slightly pinker and warmer. Also, Korean makeup is filled with dupes for MAC lipsticks. In this particular case, Lioele Dollish Lipstick in #6 (around 8€) is a lovely dupe for MAC Angel (another reason I got rid of Angel in the first place). It's close to Creme Cup, but has a darker pink base, exactly the same as Angel.

If you already own a tons of different ''neutral nude pinks'', then you probably don't need Creme Cup. It's flattering on almost every skintone and if you're still searching for the right balance between nude and pink, Creme Cup is definitely a good try. Personally, I think I was delaying purchase for too long. It's not the most unique shade you'll be seeing but a good firm staple for every day. MAC lipsticks retail around 19,50€ in Europe.