19 Jun 2015

Makeup Revolution Dupe for MAC Miley Cyrus Lipstick

I know you love a good dupe, especially if they are tremendously apart in price range. I was certain that I don't have anything similar to MAC Miley Cyrus lipstick (review here) in my collection. What I didn't expect to see, were the new Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro lipstick line. Higher quality than before and 20 bright shades in creamy or matte formula, got a lot of attention. Particularly, I kindly received We Were Lovers, a warm bright fuchsia which perfectly matches my MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus lipstick. 

Iconic Pro lipsticks are a newer addition, suitable to create most challenging makeup looks. Consistency is either creamy or matte upon extra label. They come in the most stunning packaging - royal black with rose gold details. Shape is almost identical to MAC but with lower quality material. Scent is pretty much artificial with a hint of unnatural vanilla, not my favourite. Texture itself is a surprise, depending on which shade you'll choose. Consistent quality is what I miss the most from Makeup Revolution. Speaking about texture, my shade has a lightweight formula with a touch of creaminess. It's way creamier and more pleasant to wear than original formula same company. I'm not charmed yet I'm not disappointed either. I'm super annoyed with flimsy and too soft lipsticks that tend to snap upon multiple applications. I'm afraid Iconic Pro lipsticks might just fall in this category. Lipstick is already starting to rub on the back side of the tube upon usage. On the other hand, longevity is impressive with 5 hours as vibrant colours tend to leave a slight stain. Overall, a good C+ would do. 

We Were Lovers is a hard-to-find deeper, reddish warm fuchsia. Colours like this are pretty hard to spot in the drugstores. We Were Lovers is finally a perfect dupe for Limited Edition MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus lipstick.  Amplified MAC texture is also close to Iconic Pro formula. Not a lot of sheen but still longlasting and comfortable. MAC Miley Cyrus is way creamier while We Were Lovers is lightweight and a bit silicone-y. As for colour match they are almost identical.  We Were Lovers is a shade lighter and pinker than MAC.  You can see full application of MAC Miley Cyrus on my lips and in depth review here.

There's no need to buy MAC Miley Cyrus anymore. Also, it's limited edition until June or July 2015 so basically, you can't buy it after ending promotion. We Were Lovers shade will deliver same effect with a more cautious application. As for Iconic Pro lipsticks, I can't say much from trying only one lipstick. They definitely improved their formula but there are still missing details to make them fully worth/enjoyable for 4,95€. Keep in mind I'm regularly trying new lipsticks, that way, I'm much more critical than with any other makeup item (yes, even eyeshadows). Makeup Revolution is available worldwide here. In Slovenia, you can find Makeup Revolution on Licila.si or Makeup Revolution Slovenija. Currently, you can get 17% discount with BLOG17 code on Slovenian website.