13 Jun 2015

Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow Collection

At the beginning of Makeup Revolution, I had major ups and downs with their products. Initial impressions on eyeshadow palettes were good but after several uses, shades started to get stubborn, uneven and badly pigmented. I was not a fan. Since then, it seems as they've stepped up their game and I actually like new (improved?) formula. Still, Makeup Revolution is not my favourite brand for eyeshadows but they started to slowly grow on me. Palettes are perfect for starter kits or beginners and I still appreciate my very first unbranded 100 eyeshadow palette, which led me to experiment with makeup. They are fun and great for small travels. I like to use them for special events, group makeup sessions or Halloween as they can make wonders with a good primer. And who wants to accidentally ruin high-end palettes when using them on group sessions anyway?

Awesome Eyeshadow Collection (14,95€) contains 100 eyeshadows, dividing them into smokey half and neutral side. Eyeshadows in general are creamy and soft on first touch with a bit of fallout. You can get a lot of pigmentation with fingers but shadows tend to get pressed and coincidentally less pigmented. I cannot understand it. It's almost as if they get a hard upper layer after several uses. That's why I recommend using them with a clean brush. Eyeshadows are generally a hit but there are a few misses (neon matte violet and bright pink) and repeated shades (glittery black shades and grey tones). Matte shades are surprisingly pigmented and soft, yet not as pigmented as metallics or shimmers. In the mix, there is quite a unique variety of shades that can be only found in brands like Too Faced (example is a glowy purple shade with blue shift). Actually, I spotted several Mac dupes like Expensive Pink, Club, Cranberry, Hepcat and so on. Duochromes, shifts and other multidimensional finishes make this palette versatile and fun to use. For longevity, shadows over primer tend to stay on my eyelids for entire day

I can say I'm pleasantly surprised with better quality of Makeup Revolution than in the past. Palette will stay in my collection for more funky looks, Halloween or special occasions but it's slightly too bulky and requires lots of work for my personal use. Blame is on, I'm an eyeshadow snob. If you're only starting with makeup or if you fancy a variety of different shades, then give it a go. Especially if you're only starting to discover your likings in makeup, Awesome Eyeshadow Collection could be a good map to what you prefer. Fun, bright and neutral looks definitely won't escape your imagination with this palette. You can find international Makeup Revolution here. In Slovenia, you can buy Makeup Revolution from Licila.si or Makeup Revolution Slovenija online site with 17% discount code BLOG17 until end of June 2015.