1 Jun 2015

Primers & Potions for Dry Skin

Sometimes even the most hydrating or luminous foundation can't properly deal with dry skin, patches or flaky bits. Although my skin isn't the driest of them all, I still experience flaky nose and dry cheeks once in a while. Exfoliation, oils and good face cream are the core to treat dry skin, however, that's not always the case to prevent dry looking skin upon foundation. How to minimise the appearance of dry skin? It's a question I've been dealing while doing makeup on others and my own skin. The best solution are definitely luminous or slightly silicone based primers. Also, a good nourishing but not too heavy day cream can make wonders. Let's see what are my current discovered picks...

I've been highly impressed by Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (around 35€ for 50ml) in the past. It tightens, minimises imperfections and adds a natural within glow to your face. It does wonders for dull, mature or dry skin with imperfections. It's incredible, let's be honest. While I sometimes can't decide if a high-end product is still worth the price, Beauty Flash Balm definitely deserves higher price tag. My more in depth review was published here, while you can still participate to win a small 15ml size of Clarins Beauty Flash balm to try it out.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum (38,63€ for 30ml, EU & UK) combines skincare and makeup, all in one. Not only it moisturises tremendously, it also adds subtle glow, reduces ageing with acids and helps speeding up renovation of your skin. Serum itself looks like a light pastel pink cream with a rosy pink glow shift. It doesn't have any particular shimmer particles but still manages to illuminate and hide imperfections. Basically, there is only one step with Vichy to prep your skin before foundation.

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer (50ml for 12,99€, EU) feels like diluted silicone which fills in wrinkles, improves skin texture and smooths out imperfections. It's pleasant and not to heavy to wear on a daily basis. Also, it prolongs wear of foundation for a few good hours. This primer is easily the best not-entirely-silicone-based primer in drugstore. While this primer will do wonders for oily skin, it's suitable for all skin types. My dry skin looks less dry while it still manages to hide flaky bits. Warmly recommend it to try it out. 

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer (around 14€ for 20ml) is a typical primer with illuminating particles. As a versatile product you can easily use it as a primer, as a highlighter or mix it in with foundation. Illuminates and adds a healthy glow to dull skin. Indeed, shimmer particles are in almost pure white colour which makes it suitable for any skintone. One thing I should mention with this product is, that it doesn't camouflage dry bits and it is slightly visible on the sun. While it gives a lovely, natural glow it's a bit overpriced at only 20ml.

Seventeen WOW! Skin Highlighter (30ml for around 8€, UK) contains pink reflecting particles for a fresh and dewy glow. Seventeen highlighter is hardcore shimmery so you'll need only a tiny drop for entire face. Again, it doesn't help to change your skin texture but illuminates your face. A good value for your money.

L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream (50ml for 38,10€) hides imperfections, decadently illuminates, perfects your skin texture and regulates moisture, leaving your skin nourished and subtle the entire day. Dry skin and flaky areas in particular are improved and regulated by pivoine extract. It can be easily used as a primer before foundation, while it also prolongs your makeup wear. You can read a more in depth impressions here.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream (50ml for 28,50€) is a perfect match for dry skin in warmer months. While it's in no way greasy, I would actually recommend it to all skin types. Due to 5% of shea butter, it still manages to be rich and nourishing. Works wonderfully as a primer or a base. Clean shea butter scent, also the main key ingredient, helps to achieve comfort on all skin types. I absolutely love this little gem and I'm already planning to buy Shea Ultra Rich Comforting Cream for colder months. Actually, I love the entire Shea Butter skincare that L'Occitane carries, along with Shea Fresh Face Water and Shea Cleansing Oil. Read a more in depth review for Shea Butter Face Collection here.

Dry and fairly visible areas can also be minimised with oil. I pat my dry nose with non-greasy oil when flaky bits are still overly visible. But looking generally at primers for dry skin, I enjoy using perfecting primers or creams like L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime and Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which not only deliver within glow but also helps to reduce the appearance of dryness and dry skin texture. Illuminating bases are great for adding extra glow, however, they're not as efficient in covering dry texture. 


  1. Zanimiva objava:) Jaz sem tudi vzela tega od Max Factor pa nekako nisem ne vem kaj navdušena. Sem imela raje Revlonovega Photoready, ker je res zelo silikonast in lepo zapolni pore. Ta L'Occitanova krema pa je že na moji wish listi. Sem dobila testerje in mi je zelo všeč. Kot si napisala, super za občutljivo kožo:)

    1. Uf, mene pri tistih res silikonastih primerjih moti občutek - je pa res da čisto prekrijejo pore. Nisem še pa preizkusila Photoready, mogoče me bo presenetil :)

  2. Absolutely loved this post sara <3 I also love how you swatched the primers, keep up the great work!


  3. Mene je tudi ta krema od L'Occitane (shea) čisto navdušila... jo bom morala kmalu kupit (sem zdaj imela samo par testerjev). :) Pa ta primer od L'Oreala me mika že čisto predolgo...

  4. The L'Oreal Lumi primer is something I have wanted to try for awhile! It looks so beautiful.


  5. Na moji koži pa Beauty Flash Balm ne naredi nič posebnega :/ Sem videla takrat na tvoji oceni kako lepo izgleda, kar nisem mogla verjet da je to isti izdelek kot ga imam jaz. It hates me, there is no other explanation. MF-jev in L'Orealov sta pa moja najljubša :) Pa L'Occitanova krema itak.

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