10 Jun 2015

Unbox Korean Goodies with Me: Memebox Special #52 WTF

Memebox, the most popular Korean subscription box. If you're a newbie to Korean cosmetics, it's the easiest way to discover Korean products. Memebox offers in general boxes with mystery content, pre-made cosmetics boxes, products in collaboration with Youtubers and online shop for individual products from well known brands (Tonymoly, Etude House and more). Current boxes are always listed here. Memebox usually retails 25-49$ and contains a good value of products. Today we'll be unboxing Special #52 WTF: Wonderful Treasure Finds which contains uncovered and unusual products from Korea. Frankly enough, I was again, surprised by imagination of Korean developers. 

Skindeco Comedo AC Power Serum (50g, 36$)
Skindeco Serum is a ginger and garlic based serum which softens rough skin and prevents clogged pores. Ginger and garlic are known for anticancer properties that's why they've decided to incorporate these ingredients into skincare. Without any further questions, garlic and ginger give off quite an unpleasant scent to this product. Scent is herbal bitter but nothing majorly shocking. It has a thin watery consistency that sinks into to the skin in minutes. Honestly, I wasn't using it regularly so I can't claim about any major benefits. But an extra skincare step can never hurt.

Tonymoly Mr.Smile Patch (10g, 2$)
Hydrogel patch is filled with blueberry, black bean, black sesame and mulberry extracts. If you haven't heard about smile patches, they are meant to smooth and firm skin around your smile lines. It's similar to eye patches but targeting smile lines. Concept is totally unfamiliar to Europe but it's pretty known in Asia. Intense ingredients work as a hydrating sheet mask in less than 30 minutes. Skin is left nourished and plumper. Can we please appreciate the cute design? I could totally wear this out for a laugh or two. 

Elinette BMS Cure Cream (50ml, 65$)
This full size cream will last me decades as it's highly potent with beneficial ingredients. BMS stands for a special technology for boosting up antioxidants and minerals to renovate your skin. It's free of alcohol and parabens. Cream is indeed, highly effective with continuous use while it smells like a herbal pot of goodness. It's great for daily use as the antioxidants protect from pollution and prevents premature ageing. Texture itself is creamy and a joy to use on any kind of skin type.

Mumur Air Waterdrop Cooling Hand Cream (50g, 9$)
Lightweight and cooling is the way to describe this unique hand cream. I haven't experience anything like it before. In the tube, product looks like a regular hand cream. But after you slowly spread it out you'll be experiencing snow flake effect. It means, the base product has a velvety-matte texture and the other part consists of water. When you rub the cream, you're left with drop of water on your hand, similar to genuine snow flakes. It's cooling, non-sticky and perfects the skin on your hands. Has a clean scent and it's not greasy.  Hand cream doesn't contain parabens, ethanol or any other artificial colouring and fragrance.

Dearberry Play Choux (30ml, 13$) 
Play Choux is a pink-based multipurpose highlighter which can be used as a base, on high points of your face or mixing medium for glowy foundation. Has a distinct pink undertone which will brighten and even your skin. It's fairly lightweight and creamy while highly pigmented with a duo chrome shift. Personally, texture is not my favourite but I like to mix it with daily creams. It's an okay cream highlighter with fruity scent but nothing extraordinary.

Bath Charm Store Dead Salt Pearl Natural Soap (100g, 6$)
100% natural soap with sea salt, pearl powder, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, lavender oil and rose fragrance. Well that's a mouthful. Considering ingredients, this soap is super gentle and suitable for all kinds of usage. It can be easily used on your face for treating sensitive and dull skin while it opens up pores at the same time. It's not drying and has a pleasant, subtle rose scent. I mainly like to use it on my natural hair brushes for effective cleaning and fluffy outcome.

Yadah Capsule Tok Soothing Gel (200ml, 11$)
Remember me talking about Etude House Toc Gel? Well, Yadah has released even more affordable version than Etude House. You get a massive tube of aloe water, green tea and cactus flower extracts for cooling and treating irritated skin. Witch hazel and lotus also treat clogged pores. Gel is filled with small little toks which are filled with aloe vera and vitamins. Gel is perfect for warmer weather as it sooths burns and extra sensitive skin. I also love to use it as lightweight base before foundation. This product is multipurpose - you can use it anywhere and anyhow. Memebox also suggests it to use as a body scrub along with spoonful of sugar.

Did they caught your attention? I'm surely amazed by Korean imagination when creating these products. 
Memebox is a fun way to play and discover new Korean products, brands and textures.


  1. Hahaha brki :D Adorable <3 Mi je tudi koncept všeč :)

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  2. Vsekakor zanimiva škatla :) Brki so hudi ;D

  3. I am loving the look of this box! Great way to try some korean goodies! ^^ I need to try some soon!


  4. wow! everything's so awesome!! :D My favorites are the gel and the soap :3

  5. Such a great idea. I've never tried any (!!) Korean beauty product but I'd love to in the future. X!

  6. Mr. Smile Patch bi definitivno bil zame, če res deluje :D

  7. These products look so unique and quirky! Everything looks so good!

    Roxie ♥

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