31 Jul 2015

Avon Luxe Silken Lip Perfector: Swatches of Entire Line

Lip Perfector sounds as a brilliant idea. With cult favourite perfecting glosses (we all know them by now) there's a leakage of perfecting bases, lipsticks, lipbalm and lipglosses. Coincidence or not, Avon released a fairly new collection of Luxe Silken Lip Perfector consisted of 4 basic shades. It's not a lipstick, neither a standard balm - it's somewhere in between with a pinch of retinol and collagen for smoother, perfected finish and tingly sensation to plump up your lips. Texture itself is pretty unique as it's quite thick as a nourishing lipbalm yet creamy and tingly. Another bonus is scrumptious strawberry tart scent which slightly disappears with regular use. I was definitely surprised by thick balmy texture and quite strong tingly sensation which wouldn't appeal to all of you. However, you're left with slightly perfected lips that look somehow plump. Personally I would enjoy them much more without tingly sensation and plumping effect but that's a matter of your personal taste. Packaging is pretty straight forward as with their usual Luxe line. They come beautifully packaged in golden black boxes while lipstick tubes look quite luxurious gold at only 3,90€ a piece. They definitely feel heavy in your hands and leave a much more sophisticated impression than their older interpretation of regular Luxe line. Definitely a likable improvement from my point of view.

As for the colours, there's not much to think about. You have four basic shades that cover everyone's taste. Natural Tint is almost a colourless balm with a hint of white/nude base to make your lips slightly toned down. A good choice if you're striving for ''au naturel'' look. Maybe similar to my Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine. Honey Tint is the most odd warm colour I've seen in a long time. It's a true warm brown reminiscent of honey or slightly burnt caramel. It would be a lovely addition for tanned girls with warm skintone. Not the most perfect choice for paler skintones but if you're digging the whole 90's trend this might work. Rose Tint is universally flattering neutral, transparent pink. Not much to say though it's my favourite of out the bunch. Berry Tint might seduce you with it's name but it's in fact a punchy, pinkish red. This shade would work on all skintones and it's fairly pigmented too.

For 3,90€ these are nice alternatives to similar high end products. If you don't mind tingly sensation, plump lips and heavy but pleasant texture, Silken Lip Perfectors are a steal at 3,90€ (usual price is 7€). I like them but I'm overall not a fan of stinging or tingly sensations on regular basis. Rose Tint might find a place in my permanent collection while I'm still debating on Natural Tint as it gives a lovely natural finish. They are fairly nourishing and long wearing at about 4 hours. Definitely give them a go if you're planning to order from Avon in the near future but keep in mind they tingle. Utterly yummy scent is another bonus that I love. You can check out latest Avon news here. For Slovenia, you can browse around on Avon Facebook site and regular site here.


  1. Kako lepi odtenki! :)

    x, Katja

  2. Rose Tint je res krasen odtenek, ampak meni zaradi plumping efekta najverjetneje ne bi bili všeč...

  3. It looks like a great range, I haven't tried anything from Avon for ages x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  4. Wow, the lipsticks really look pretty! I love the special packaging!! <3


  5. Fab post hun, these look stunning. I love that they aren’t a lipstick actually that they seem like a balm hybrid. The packaging looks gorgeous and you’d never tell they only cost €3.90. I love the look of Rose Tint and Berry Tint :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  6. I love the red Lipsticks

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