4 Jul 2015

Maybelline The Nudes Palette

Maybelline The Nudes Palette has finally cautiously hit European drugstore after a year of successful route around US. While Slovenia is still behind, Austrian and German drugstores got a lot of buzz around this new hot item (obviously, beforehand good reviews make it even more appealing). Immediately ''sold out'' was a good indicator that the palette is not a one night stand for around roughly 14,99€. I have to say that it's pretty much well worth the money. Now let's just hope The Nudes will slowly start appearing in all European stores...

A single neutral palette with 12 shadows is quite frankly a rare find in low budget beauty department. Not only it looks inviting on first glance, it's also pigmented quite right. An array of shimmers, mattes, satins and glitters maintains a perfect balance for everyday looks. You have your warm browns, versatile taupes, extra shiny champagnes and rusty golds. On top of all, you're surprised with chocolate browns and gold glitters and multi dimensional ivory with gold, pink and green hue. You can easily create cool or warm looks. Although golds aren't really my thing I'm still happy to see a light gold and rusty bronze, dangerously reminding of Urban Decay Smog. Pigmentation is okay, nothing mind-blowing but still good enough to proudly stand in my collection. Shadows are not dusty, however black in particular, seems to crumble a bit due to dry formula. Also, multi dimensional ivory at the beginning seems to give a bit of fallout. Mattes in particular are blendable and soft enough for deserving a non-complain status. Longevity over primer is not a problem whatsoever.

Recapping entire story, I really like The Nudes delivery and quality. Some shades would need a touch or two of extra work but nothing major. An array of basic eyeshadows will deal with all your shadow needs. If you already own similar shades, you're probably okay without it. However, all must have shades in one place makes it pretty darn convenient. Maybelline The Nudes Palette is sold at bigger Maybelline stands for around 14,99€.