22 Jul 2015

Cruelty-Free Sigma SigmaTech Essential Brush Set

I'm a brush junkie. Nothing makes me happier than receiving/buying brand new brushes with distinct scent of new and knowing that they will last me forever, well...almost forever. My first proper brushes were from Sigma and I was willing to give off a good amount of well earned money for that time. That's why I have a huge attachment to their brushes. My first set was actually the Essential Kit which is still looking brand new as 5 years ago and I would basically need only this kit for gorgeous makeup looks. Soon enough, once you get the taste of real everlasting brushes, you'll probably want to expand your brush family now and then. And constant new releases from your favourite brush company don't make your life any easier. What I was not expecting, was a beautifully wrapped Sigma package with their new SigmaTech Essential Set, a new innovative brush set with advanced synthetic fibres. They supposedly outperform animal hair with intentionally irregular tip of the fibre for maintaining makeup product at the tip of the bristles. Using synthetic fibres, brushes are also cruelty-free, vegan, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, long-lasting, easily reshaped, there's no color bleeding and absorption and are easy to clean. Sounds magnificent now let's take a look at each brush, shall we?

Usually, duo fibre brushes are made out of natural and synthetic layer to seamlessly blend out powder or liquid products. However, Duo Fibre Powder/Blush F15 (here) is all made out of synthetic fibers and still manages to achieve flawless finish as the black bristles still feel as soft as animal hair. Because of the shape, brush is perfect for soft application of strongly pigmented blushers and bronzers but great for light dusting of powder too. You can also use it as a stippling brush for light foundation or adding a touch of highlight. I really enjoy using this brush with extremely bright blushers and that's why it's one of my favourites out of the bunch.

Tapered Face F25 (here)was on my wishlist ever since I've heard about it's multitasking properties. Not only it can perfectly apply and blend powder blushes on the apple of your cheeks, it can contour and blend at the same time. Pointed tip makes precise application while fluffier body blends out the corners. Also, you can roll it over your foundation with powder to perfectly set makeup without budging your liquid base. On the touch it feels like real animal hair so it works best with powder products.

I still need to figure out how to properly use Soft Blend Concealer F64 (here). It's quite dense and firm so I'm predicting is meant for liquid products like concealer itself. I've tried it a few times as a concealer blender as the name proposes. It does blend out heavy duty concealers wonderfully even around eye area. I love to use it in combination with Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. Also, I could imagine it as a great creamy contour helper.

Medium Sweeper E54 (here) feels slightly more synthetic than other eye brushes which makes me think it's also great for cream or liquid products. I personally use it for cream eyeshadows and powder eyeshadows to lightly sweep them in the centre of my lid. This brush is not meant to intensify eyeshadows but adds a light, sheer wash of colour for every day. Although versatility is the main key point, this brush is not my favourite from the Essential Set.

Since I already own classic old E35 brush from Sigma, I've only expected the best from new, improved Tapered Blending E35 (here). New version is as good at blending as the older brother. Also, shape seems to remain a lot better which makes it perfect for precise blending. I also like to use it for light dusting of champagne shades all over my lid. It fits in most creases as it's not too fluffy or not too stiff for light blending. Love! Along with usual ''Mac 217 brush'' type shape, this is the next must have brush for easy eye looks.

Exact Blend E32 (here) has soft but dense bristles which serve great for intensifying powder eyeshadows. Shape is really similar to standard Mac 239 brush but slightly more elongated and denser. Precise application and lots of product on the brush deliver intense smokey eyes or highly pigmented colorful looks. You can also use it for applying color on your lower lash line. Another good choice to expand your brush collection.

Small Tapered Blending E45 (here) fits every crease and outer corner. Small enough to buff every mistake but fluffy enough to be an all rounder blending brush. I also like to use it for adding additional colour to my outer eye space. Has the same softness as E35 and makes a precise crease look on any eye shape. I like it but I still need to practise before I'm going PRO with this particular brush.

Winged Liner E06 is a lot different compared to other usual eye liner brushes. It's not as stiff as liner or eyebrow brushes so it works best with soft gel liners and liquid liners. It makes a lovely flick due to pointed shape but still delivers sharp line. Not the most universally usable brush but if you're a strong believer in eyeliner this might intrigue your mind.

I would say SigmaTech Essential Set is suitable for beginners but great for more advanced users. Frankly, you can do an entire face look with only this set. A bit of imagination with mentioned brushes is needed (looking at E45, F64 and E54). E35 Tapered Blending, F15 Duo Fibre Blush/Powder, F25 Tapered Face are definitely the main stars in my book. At 120$ this is still the most affordable brush set from Sigma. I do miss standard E25 brush (here) which is the best eye brush you can ever come across. I would also like to see another brush instead of  F64 Soft Blend Concealer as my fingers work perfectly fine with concealers. Other than that I have no complaints. They wash beautifully without shedding and they keep their shape as promised in brochure. You can discover Sigma here. Every month there's a new code out for 10% off. In July it's INNOVATINGBEAUTY if you're deciding to snap a brush or two for yourself. You can also wait on Black Friday or similar holidays for more discount or free worldwide shipping. All in all I'm pleased with all my Sigma brushes and I wouldn't trade them for anything else. Sure, prices are not the most affordable but keep in mind you're investing in tools that will last (almost) a lifetime.


  1. I've never owned any Sigma brushes I tend to stick with MAC and real techniques as they are easier to get hold of. The set looks really good value - might have to look into it. Thanks x

    Jen www.tartanbrunette.co.uk

    1. I have all three brands and I'm equally happy with all :) However RT feel slightly more synthetic & unnatural compared to these synthetic bristles. But they do magic with liquid products, love the tapered blusher from RT.

  2. I don't have any Sigma brushes, however, I'd like to check out the 3DHD one :)

    1. OH! Those are really special. I have a large 3DHD kabuki and a small one for concealer - perfect blending without streaks :)

  3. Great post dear! These brushes look fantastic! I don't own any of them but I sure would love to ;)

  4. Wow this set looks amazing, and I was the same Sigma were my first proper brushes :) I love the look of the F25 and definitely want to pick this up as I love the tapered shape of it :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee


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