17 Sep 2015

Mac Studio Waterweight Foundation Review, Swatch, Demo & Comparison

MAC has never intrigued me so much with a single foundation as it did with newly released MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation. Eagerly anticipated release of makeup artist's favourite backstage foundation raised a lot of dust with popular serum concept, beneficial ingredients and looks. Pipette droves you back to chemistry classes which makes everything even more fun. Extra liquidy goodness assures lightweight feeling and velvety smooth touch to your skin. This is definitely the MAC foundation to look after - it will burst a flame in cosmetic industry. Ah, the joy that brings this wonderful product to the vanity table...

Not only it feels like a velvety feather on your delicate skin, it's also buildable with several layers. The initial coverage is somewhere between sheer or slightly medium, while the more you layer, the better your skin looks. There's also no risk of caking up as the texture is super smooth, liquidy and perfecting. This is definitely suitable for those, who already have perfect skin but need to even out certain areas. Blemishes and imperfections must be covered with additional concealer. Due to quite liquidy form, Studio Waterweight comes in a gorgeous milky glass bottle with a pipette. Yes, application can be tricky but once you get the hang of it, you're pretty much good to go. I usually transfer foundation liquid on my hand and apply it with fingertips as it's a blissful joy touching it with your bare hands. Actually I can't wait to put it on at the start of my day. Plus it's quite pricey to waste it on a brush or a sponge. One pump is enough to cover your entire face and build up certain areas up to medium coverage, in my case it's chin and jaw. I cannot express my excitement over truly lightweight and non-sticky, velvety smooth formula.  In terms of finish, Studio Waterweight leaves a velvet finish with slight glow to your highest face features, cheekbones. It's not entirely glowy but leaves a natural-kind-of-glow which makes it suitable for dry, normal and combination skin. Oily skintypes could probably get lots of wear too but need to set it with powder for extra satin/matte effect. That's not all. It also promises perfected skin which is true to some extent - it re-improves your skin texture and adds healthy glow but slightly hides pores. It doesn't cover imperfections and pores entirely but there's definitely an improvement. On the lower pictures, I'm wearing 2 layers of Studio Waterweight with added undereye concealer and a touch of neutral, satin blush. Freckles are still somewhat visible but with slightly more even. Pores are looking smaller but they are still noticeable around the nose.

Mac Studio Waterweight Foundation NW15 applied in 2 layers

Now onto comparison, swatches and colour matches. My personal shade reference is NW15 to which lady at the counter matched me (do I need to say that they always push a darker shade to me due to freckles?). There's also a NW13 choice but I haven't seen it due to my initial excitement. I might need to look it up as NW15 is currently a good match (but not perfect) but it will soon be a shade or two too dark in winter. It's in no way pink based as MAC opposite scale suggests (NW for cool and NC for warm) but still rather yellow in comparison to really pink toned Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and more yellow than Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation or CC Cream. Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff is definitely a neutral compared to MAC. In terms of texture it feels similar as my pre-owned Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua. It has exactly the same velvety light texture with subtle glow but slightly more covering than Chanel. Perfect! MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation mixes great with other thick foundations (such as Revlon Colorstay) for more coverage but still retains glow and improves all-in-all texture. SPF30 is just a bonus to protect from the sun rays but makes it difficult to photograph.

I usually tend to NOT splurge so much on a liquid foundation because frankly, I use them up pretty quickly compared to other makeup bits. Still. I love it so much that I might consider repurchasing at step price of 33,50€. Party breakers are unfortunately messy edges of the bottle and I would personally like to see more coverage (perfectly lightweight foundation with heavy coverage? yes please!). All skintypes could enjoy it, keeping in mind that it has buildable sheer coverage. Price is also not my wallet's friend at 33,50€ for 30ml, but you'll be impressed with velvet touch and perfected finish of Studio Waterweight.