19 Oct 2015

MAC Lipstick Honeylove Swatch & Demo

Catchy name is already hints undeniable warm tones in this particular MAC lipstick. If you guessed correctly, I'm talking about MAC Honeylove lipstick. At first glance, it's an absolutely terrifying warm nude for fair skintone ladies. Deadly or orange is the first thing that popped into my mind too. Now let me tell you a story. I utterly avoided Honeylove until I had no other nude matte choice on a MAC counter anymore. Out of curiosity and several recommendations from fairly tanned girls, I've finally tried it on at the counter in anticipation of a total nude disaster. On my surprise, Honeylove actually still looked like a bearable nude that's not too warm or orange. It's definitely not a match made in heaven on pale skin, more likely a wonderful companion for medium skintones, but still defining and dark enough to sneak into my lipstick collection.

MAC Honeylove is not the most inviting color in the tube, but it sure is a complex little thing on different skintones. It's a definite warm nude with pink undertones that are detectable only on medium or tanned skin. It's not a concealer nude but rather a darker mix with not so prominent terracotta hue. It's a nude ginger that works rather well even on fair skintones - still, lipstick shade preference needs to be involved. If you usually stay away from such warm nudes, well...this is not  a perfect first MAC pick. Keep in mind, that on more cooler or pink based skintones it can easily look a bit too warm or orange. Popular Matte finish makes it a favourite among current trends and works beautifully with darker nude lipliners. You can easily use it as a highlighting nude in the centre of your lips. Not only that Honeylove has the cutest name, it also delivers non-drying formula and longevity worth of 5-8 hours. For such a light nude, that's a pretty spectacular longlasting effect.

I definitely do not regret purchasing Honeylove but it's still not on my Top 5 MAC list. It's subtle and easy to wear on every day basis yet not a perfect fit for my greyish-mauve overall preference. I'm still getting a lot of wear out of it since it's so uniquely warm and honey-like with a tinge of pink. It actually suits my neutral skintone and compliments my freckles. Longevity is outstanding which is just another bonus for reaching at Honeylove more frequently. And what's the most uncommon thing about it? Well, I still haven't spotted a perfect dupe for Honeylove, which is quite frankly, a little miracle. Artdeco Art Couture Classic 233 (swatched here) looks exactly the same in the tube but transfer a lot sheerer and lighter. MAC Lipsticks retail for about 21€ at MAC counters. I'm also wearing new MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation about which you can read all about here.