28 Feb 2016

NARS Audacious Lipstick Review : Anna and Natalie

Nars Audacious, perfection in a lipstick form. Elegant packaging, creamy formula and longevity are all perfectly balanced in one single lipstick. As François Nars said: ''I have a real love affair with lipstick. It gives you more power.'', this lipstick line truly feels luxurious and charismatic. Each one has a unique name after golden movie actresses to truly bring out lipstick personality. Dressed in everlasting matte black with magnetic closure and embossed with Nars logo, Audacious lipstick is worthy of admiration. Only one swipe with full opacity will be a new world - even for an experienced lipstick enthusiast.


Nars Audacious lipsticks have a buttery smooth texture that glides perfectly with one feathery touch. Highly pigmented formula is out of this world as it provides full coverage and comfortable finish for the rest of the day. Meaning, longevity is pretty much the strongest point of Audacious line. Creamy finish usually tends to vanish within 2-3 hours, while Audacious line sticks on for at least 6+ hours. Nudes, mauves and light shades are not a deal breaker either. Scent-free formula is just perfect as it slowly dries down but still retains moisture with ingredients, which nourish your lips. Lipstick is feathery light on the lips and it doesn't dry them out. Colours? Over magnificent 40 shades that won't be a deal-breaker with such a wonderful formula. Can you find your own name among Audacious line?


You can probably imagine how difficult is to choose only one out of Audacious variety. In fact, all 40 shades are named after inspiring movie actresses in the past. 

My ultimate colour choice was Anna, a smokey mauve rose with purple undertones. Just like what film actress Anna Karina once wore. It's a more balanced version of rose and purple mauve, looking differently under various lights. My perfect mauve. Formula is consistent and potent as Nars Audacious concept.

Natalie, named after legendary actress Natalie Wood, is a vibrant flamingo pink. It has a coral undertone while pink is still the prominent feature. Warm tones and pink are flattering on all skintones but it's not the most wearable choice if you are afraid of vibrant shades. Still, it's fuss-free and stays put over 7+ hours.

Everything is perfect, except when it comes to price. At about 30€, Nars Audacious Lipstick is firmly on the high-end side. Price makes you think twice, but if you fancy a lovely lipstick with a perfect formula, Nars Audacious is totally worth every penny, cent or dollar. Would I repurchase? In a heartbeat! But probably more wearable shades like Anna, to get the most out of it. Next on my list is (online exclusive) pink lilac Dominique and wearable nude Barbara. You can easily order Nars Audacious lipsticks online, including their official site and Look Fantastic.

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  1. Anna looks amazing on you & your whole make up looks so fresh & fun

  2. Odtenek Anna je prečudovit! <3 xx

  3. Oh wow! These look gorgeous!
    Love the gorgeous packaging and colors <3

  4. Oh wau, Anna je prekrasna (seems weird writting that :P), more or less moj naljubši odtenek šminke :D Usoda? :P
    Obe ti super pašeta, se mi pa zdi da ti Natalie da tak krasen pomladen glow :D

  5. Ne no... glih sm mela Anno v košarici pred parimi dnevi pa sem si rekla, da ne smem. :D

  6. What beautiful shades! Really suits you! <3


  7. Wow these colors are stunning! xo


  8. Jaz si tudi morem še kakšno privoščit. Vedno, ko nosim Anito se počutim kot girl boss haha :D Pa še magnetno zapiranje je ultra zabavno :D

  9. Anna is such a stunning colour! x

  10. I love your pictures btw ~ Anna is such a beautiful color! Really like it!

  11. I've always had an eye on these lipsticks, the colors are too perfect. I think Anna looks gorgeous on you, and I LOVE your earrings by the way! ;)


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