27 Jul 2016

All NEW Makeup Factory Mat Lip Fluids & Lipglosses

Brace yourselves! You'll probably fall in a lipstick/lipgloss coma after reading this lipstick junkie post. I'm still stoked and honoured to be a part of this massive swatch party of newly released Makeup Factory Gloss Expansion. If you live in Europe, you're probably familiar with this german brand, an extensive sister of Artdeco. Makeup Factory is exclusively sold in Mueller and it's quite comparable to other professional brands (khm Mac) in terms of quality, textures, innovations and price tag. Along with highly popular Mat Lip Fluids (aka the best liquid lipsticks on European market), there are newly released shades in High Shine Lip Gloss and Hydro Lip Smoothie range. All three lipgloss categories have different applicators and newly added scent. The most common thing is packaging and dermatologically approved formula for safe use of makeup ingredients. Now let's get this party started! 

A general public favourite and the most desired range is called Mat Lip Fluid (14,49€, Mueller drugstores). Along with several regular shades, they've expanded matte line into a whole nother dimension with 5 new shades. I already owned Violet Mauve beforehand but I couldn't resist myself not including it into this swatch party. What's also new about them, is their added melon scent. Yummy! They are ultra longlasting (6+ hours), they don't budge, they dry up like a bad ass matte lipstick and they're full coverage. They are not streaky or overly drying but I do recommend using a matte lipbalm beforehand. An absolute must have in your collection. My fav shades? Violet Mauve because of uniqueness, Soft Raspberry and Ultra Pink.

Left to right: Violet Mauve, Soft Raspberry, Coral Rose, Ultra Pink, Classic Red, Wild Berry

Makeup Factory High Shine Lip Gloss line (10,79€, Mueller drugstores) is totally new to me. It's glossy, wet looking and still comfortable without any stickiness. Your casual pop of shine and gloss. For a change, these have a brush applicator and candy scent. In terms of texture, it's quite lightweight  and balmy. They usually have slight shimmer to enhance your lips or they're in a creamy form. I also sense a slight tingly effect, probably to enhance and plump your lips. I do recommend using a lipliner beforehand (especially with highly pigmented Brown Rose) as the formula is pretty lightweight. If you're into nude shades and want more fuller lips, by no means, dig in. My fave? Iridescent Rose, a neutral baby pink with tiny shimmer.

Left to Right: Apricot Shine, Iridescent Apricot, Iridescent Rose, Rose Brown

Another everyday line of lipglosses is Hydro Lip Smoothie (14,49€, Mueller drugstores). I actually prefer this line over High Shine Lip Gloss as it's even more comfortable and easy to use. Basically, it's a lipbalm in a gloss form. Along with moisturising effect, they also have a SPF 10, which is fabulous. Lips look fuller, nourished and not over the top. All Hydro Lip Smoothies have a different fruity scents (raspberry, grapefruit, blackberry), new Fresh Rose has a grapefruit scent and Intense Blackberry is raspberry scented. Hyaluronic acid, bisabolol and oils are another great bonuses. Doe foot applicator is easy to use and there's no tingling effect. I like!

Left to Right: Fresh Rose, Intense Blackberry 

So what's your favourite colour out of the bunch? I'm highly impressed with Mat Lip Fluid line, while Hydro Lip Smoothies are my second favourites. Please note, that Makeup Factory provides only the best ingredients and quality to their products. You can probably tell I trust their brand completely. You can find any kind of product for your professional makeup kit or for painting your face like a pro. All new colours are already sold in Mueller.