21 Oct 2016

Classic Makeup Trends for Fall & Mac Velvet Teddy Dupe

So what are the ultimate classics in makeup for Fall?

Misslyn Fall Collection called Beauty in Boots perfectly captures entire color spectrum that's hot and ready for this Fall.

misslyn beauty in boots

Warmth on your eyes

What better season to experiment with pumpkin, burgundy or golden eyeshadows. Warm, earthy tones will never go out of fashion and will nicely compliment your favourite warm scarf or cozy jumper. In fact, you can play a bit more with some vivid shades and expand your eyeshadow horizon using cranberries, oranges, ochres, plums, coppers or reds. Still earthy but with a unique twist. I got inspired by Misslyn Perfect Match Eyeshadow in Gaucho Girl. It has shimmery gold and pumpkin spice orange with a defining plumy brown for an eyeliner or deepening the crease. If you're still afraid of using color on your eyelids, you can always add some colour to your lower lashline with eye pencils like Misslyn Made to Stay Eye liner in 80 Folklore or 101 Country Style. I've used 15 Cowgirls Favorite as my brow pencil. All three eye pencils are super wearable but keep in mind they're a bit stiff in texture. Playing is limitless.

Neutral but sculpting blush

You can easily replace bronzer and blush in colder months with a mauve-rosey shade that looks fairly neutral in tone. It can be easily used as a blush or a bronzer - for light sculpting, warming up your face or adding that pop of color. Luckily, new Misslyn Matte Mania blush has a matte finish so it's perfect for light sculpting. It's highly pigmented so you'll need a light hand with it. In terms of color, it's really close to my beloved Tarte Exposed blush, a blogger's community favourite. Highly recommend! 

Brown vs vampy lips

You either go all in with vampy lips or you take a safe route with defining, brown nudes. The darker the better in both categories. 90's or Kylie lip trend is still strong with cult classic Mac Velvet Teddy. Misslyn released two new lipsticks called 126 Wild Child and 254 By Nature. ALERT! Misslyn 254 By Nature is actually Velvet Teddy dupe! It's a touch more rosey and has a creamy-satin finish, while Velvet Teddy has a matte finish. If you prefer creamy glosses, Misslyn Rich Color Gloss 190 is not a bad choice either. Collection also has corresponding ''Velvet Teddy'' Made to Stay lipliner 95 Horsewoman and warm berry 60 Yee-haw! Lipsticks have a creamy-satin finish and are pretty consistent in texture. They also smell like fruit gummies. Lipliners are okay, while the darker shade is much more creamy and easy to use.

Nude Look

I've used Gaucho Girl eyeshadow quad, Made to Stay eye liner 15 for brows, Made to Stay eye liner 80 on lower lashes, Matte Mania blush, Made to Stay lip liner 95 Horsewoman and 254 By Nature lipstick.

Misllyn 254 by nature

Vampy Look

I've used Gaucho Girl eyeshadow quad, Made to stay eye liner 15 for brows, Made to Stay eye liner 80 on lower lashes, Matte Mania blush, Made to Stay lip liner 60 Yee-haw! and 126 Wild Child lipstick. Everything is the same, only lip colour was changed.

misslyn lipstick 126

So what's your favourite trend for this Fall? 
I'm also embracing my pale skin, which is another among new trends for Fall 2016/2017.


  1. Prelepa si <3 Nude look mi je zelo všeč!

  2. Ma kok si luškana <3

    Moram priznat, da mi je prvič ever bolj všeč nude look, tko ti lepo poudari učkeee <3

  3. Tole nude sminko sigurno kupim, upam da bo na meni tud tko kul izpadla koker na teb! Pa paletka je full lepa, sem jo ze gledla zadnjic. Pa cela kolekcija je res autumn perfect! Ti pa tudi ;)

  4. Gorgeous makeup in res ti izredno paše :) <3 Celotno kolekcijo sem že občudovala v trgovini. Eyeshadow paleta speaks to me. To so čisto moji odtenki.In ta vampy šminka je to die for :).

  5. Se čisto strinjam, nude look ti res zelo lepo paše, oči ti super poudari!


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