2 Nov 2016

Lush Haul: Christmas edition & D'Fluff, Brazened Honey Mask

lush haul christmas review

I'm a retired Lushie. And I got my Lush mojo back, just in time before Christmas. I can't imagine Christmas without Lush and Snow Fairy is my Christmas staple. Luckily for my wallet, Snow Fairy was sold out at my nearest Lush shop but that didn't stop me from getting pink marshmallows and toffee treats.

dfluff shaving soap lush

Can you imagine pink, fluffy clouds? That's exactly what D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap (70g for 9,90€, Lush online) is all about. It's fluffy, pink and soft with real strawberries to make it even sweeter. It's supposedly rich with cocoa butter, coconut oil, egg whites and superfood fruit - strawberry. Scent is sweet but not overpowering, coating a soft blanket on your body. Texture is whipped and soft, quite similar to whipped eggs with cream. It really makes shaving easy and prevents from irritating your skin. Skin feels squeaky clean and the soap is easily washed off. My only complaint are egg whites, which could be easily replaced with more animal-friendly ingredient. Also, I've hoped for a more nourishing feeling afterwards due to cocoa butter but the name ''Strawberry Shaving Soap'' really justifies the squeaky clean feeling.

lush brazened honey review

I've literally used Brazened Honey Face Mask (75g for 10,45€, Lush online) almost every day on my skin for the past two weeks. It's absolutely stunning and my skin glows like never before. It's truly perfect for restoring radiance and adding back glow to tired skin. All thanks to ginger, organic lime juice, fresh fennel, honey and eggs, kaolin (soft clay, China clay). My skin feels much more refreshed, bright, glowy and shiny. I would recommend this mask and almond peeling to all dry, combination and normal skintypes. Face mask dries down so there's no mess after you've applied it on the skin. Lush face masks are all fresh and you should use them up within 2-3 weeks. I got this fresh mask thanks to Mad about Red - she returned 5 black empty pots and got a free face mask! 

lush snow fairy conditioner review

I got very intrigued when I've heard about Snow Fairy Conditioner (10,95 for 100g, Christmas edition, Lush online). This nourishing pink cloud is actually intended to use after shower gel on your body - as a wash-off body conditioner. With all my luck, conditioner was actually sold out along with shower gel but the friendly girl at the Lush store made me a generous sample to try before the purchase. And I'm happy that I did, as it's not my cup of shower after all. Conditioner smells heavenly like real Snow Fairy Shower gel but it leaves a waxy residue on the skin. I understand that it needs to be nourishing due to all those butters, but the feeling annoys the heck out of me - it's too waxy-like and not pleasant at all. Better try Snow Fairy Shower Gel if you hate heavy butter residues. Still, the scent lingers and all my clothes were scented for days. 

lush yog log roulade review

Yog Log Roulade Shower Smoothie (100g for 8,50€, Christmas edition, Lush online) got instantly on my wishlist because of caramel, toffee description. I love the balance of nourishment with cocoa butter and coconut oil, while tonka bean, ylang ylang oil, clove bud oil gives that special toffee scent. It's smells incredibly yummy and lathers quite well. I smell like caramel and my skin feels super soft, without using any body butter. It's not the most handy little thingy and it does require some effort at showering but it's all worth it. I use the whole chunk on my wet skin, otherwise it would crumble away in my drain.

Christmas spirit is just around the corner and what better way to treat yourself than splurging on a piece of two of Lush heaven. Yog Log Roulade is my favourite pick from Christmas edition 2016 and I might just return for my traditional bottle of Snow Fairy - before it's eternally sold out until next year.


  1. Ful si me zainteresirala za masko, to pa bom res poiskala ob naslednjem obisku Lusha :) Same dobre stvari so notri. Škoda sam da jo je treba tok hitr porabit, jaz zmeri pozabim pol po prvotnem navdušenju hehe.

  2. You got me at Brazened Honey face mask. Jo bom preizkusila, ko "dobim nazaj" svoj normalen tip kože (KT and its wonders). :D

  3. I love pink, fluffy clouds! I have the Brazened Honey mask, can't say I notice a difference in my skin but this is a nice mask xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  4. Hvala za obembo <3. Btw sem mislila, da si vzela roza masko, meni je pa moja krema za tusiranje, heaven <3 maske pa se nisem probala :)

  5. tudi sama obožujem Lush produkte! so naravni in nežni do moje kože :)
    oglej si tudi mojo objavo o testiranju Lush produktov
    -E from 2girlsand1bl0g.blogspot.si

  6. Joj Lush, samo ime preberem in že vse okoli mene diši <3 Meni so maske tudi super, ampak mi je težko tako hitro porabit celo. Milo moram pa nujno skočit povonjat, super izgleda! :)

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