10 Dec 2016

Festive Beauty Collections you shouldn't miss out this Holiday Season

Best Holiday makeup collections

Let me introduce you to the most beautiful, festive collections for this holiday season. Separating them from other chaff, I'm highly impressed with their performance, looks, quality and value for the money. Although I generally love glitters and bling bling every once in a while, I'm getting slightly agitated with identical glitter concept every holiday season. It's nice to see a fresh new air of sophisticated beauty editions that are actually usable all year around.

Lush Holiday haul

Lush (sold in stores & online) is the one and only skincare brand that is worth mentioning this holiday season. The amount of ideas and products is almost limitless and they outdo themselves every single year. Being a true Snow Fairy fan, I had my eyes on their new Snow Fairy Fun play-doh. It's basically a scented, moldable soap, which can be crumbled for a bubble bath or being used as a shower pal. It smells incredible and I'm actually planning to mold it into small macaroons for the Christmas gifts. A perfect, DIY Holiday gift for my friends. I'm also obsessed over Santa's Postbox soap with spicy-citrusy scent and Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub that smells like blackberry sorbet (The original Comforter scent). Rose Jam Shower Gel is not new to the party but it's awakened for this holiday season. As the name suggests, it's a really sweet rose scent that's actually pretty nice for a rose-hater like me. Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb has a woody-citrusy smell but the main bonus is a beautiful play of colours in your bathtub.

BeYu Be Sparkling

One drugstore collection that will surely caught your attention, is BeYu Be Sparkling collection (sold in DM/Douglas). The main stars are two eyeshadow palettes that look like a glittery clutch. These Glamorous Eyeshadow Clutches are not only eye candies, but they also preform really nicely. With a huge mirror and warm tones, Huge Fascination No.8 is nicely pigmented and really wearable. Shades are shimmery with metallic notes and multi-dimensional particles. Beautiful, I'm nicely surprised. Along with the sparkly palette, I was also intrigued getting Matt Pure Color & Stay Lipstick in 306 Popular Nude, which is a MAC Blankety sister. Sparkly, a bit sheer and silky effect nail polishes are in trend. And that's exactly what BeYu delivered. Angel Beauty nail polish in 841 Golden Angel is my new cup of tea and can't wait to try it on my nails. Let's not forget about Cashmere Lip Color Matt in Smooth Marsala and Berry Affair - both beautiful and matte for festive season.

Avon Perfect Reds lipstick

Searching for that perfect red lipstick? Well, look no more, Avon got you covered. With 6 new Perfect Reds shades you're bound to impress. There's nothing more festive than a true red that suits your skintone. From left to right: Poppy Love, a classic red with orange undertone, Lava Love is a bright pinky red, Berry Berry Nice is a classic red with pink tinge, Scarlet Siren is a red with subtle cocoa note, Perfect Red is darker brown red and Cherry Jubilee is a vampy red. Swatches and test are coming soon, but in the meantime, check out Petra's work.

Catrice pret a lumiere

catrice Pret a lumiere

Highlighters and rose gold? Yes, please! Freshly launched Catrice Pret A Lumiere is a real treat to end the year of 2016. Collection is full of different highlighters for that perfect strobing effect. I'm talking about three highlighting powders, Gel Strobing Highlighter, Serum primer, two Pencil highlighters and two Face Glow Definers. I've tried Highlighting Powder (C01 Luminious Lights), Strobing Gel and Face Glow Definer (C02 Radiant Rose) - they're all fantastic! Thankfully, none of them have huge chunks of glitter or shimmer - on the contrary, they're all really subtle but buildable to look radiant. Powder and cream highlighter are both in the champagne family with a rose sheen. Strobing Gel is a true warm ivory with multi-dimensional shimmer that suits all skintones. Looks awfully dark in the pot, but I'm confident it looks great on fair skintones. Also note, that the Strobing Gel has the ability to re-shape upper surface. If you make a dent, the surface will get smooth again. Highlighty recommend!

artdeco Crystal garden

The most luxurious-looking collection is Artdeco Crystal Garden with Swarovski crystals and details. Every girl can easily fall in love with this collection which makes it a perfect holiday gift. We can't deny the fact that the main star of collection is Crystal Garden Blush - beauty inside and outside. It's embossed with real Swarovski crystals, while the product itself has a really nice, flowery scent. As all Artdeco packaging, you can re-use the Swarovski design for other blushers and powders in the future. Along with this glorious product, there are also three new matte lipsticks, Crystal Oil Drops, Swarovski eyeshadow packaging, eyeshadows, Shimmer Creams and more. Powder Lip Finish is another outstanding innovation - a sparkly powder to transfer into trendy glitter lips for New Year's eve. Review of the collection and makeup look will be soon on the blog. You can also check and buy all the products here.

Makeup factory swan

Dark Elegance of a Swan from Makeup Factory caught me off-guard. I was blown away by new Metallic Eye Color Fluid in three holographic/metallic shades. They are super longlasting and unique to our makeup shelves. I've chosen shade 20 Iridescent Pink - pink, green, blue, golden cream eyeshadow. I'm still eyeing 16 Metallic Rose, a true metallic rose-gold. Elegance of a Swan also has a lot of new highlighters, including Cashmere Shimmer Mousse, a pretty new highlighting thingy in a totally new texture. It has a really natural finish without being sticky, patchy or too thick. Shimmer Lipstick in 40 Rosewood Pearl looks like a crazy metallic violet but actually transfers in a more natural way with lots of shine. It would be a perfect companion to Star Wars Rouge One premiere since it makes me feel like a space queen. It's different and trendy but definitely not an outdated shimmer lip. Again, review and makeup look will be posted soon.

For all my US and international readers, who can't get their hand on all suggestions, I would suggest checking out holiday collections from Too Faced, MAC Mariah Carey collection and always intriguing Charlotte Tilbury website. Did I mention my entire wishlist is consisted out of Charlotte Tilbury makeup? Oh well, a beauty blogger life.


  1. O ja, paletko sem si kupila po swatchanju v trgovini. Nekaj tako pigmentiranega (90% senčk) še nisem videla v drogerijah :o.

  2. Dejansko sem nameravala zaključiti s svojimi božično-novoletnimi nakupi (že tako imam preveč senčk, šmink itd.), ampak sodeč po slikah imata Artdeco in Makeup Factory res, res čudovite izdelke to sezono. <3

    1. Kar poglej, verjetno ti bosta obe zelo všeč :)

  3. i have yet to get myself a few festive lush items and i can't wait. i'm actually going shopping next week and i will treat myself.


    1. Of course, it's obligatory before Christmas! I need to stock on Snow Fairy shower gel too :)

  4. Those lipstick shades are stunning! I love Lush this time of year too, never been the biggest fan of Snow Fairy like everyone else (too sweet for me) but their other products are amazing. x

    Megan | http://www.meganjean.co.uk

  5. Catrice kolekcija me mika. Sicer je še nisem opazila v trgovini. Imaš mogoče kje swatche, pa sem spregledala? :) Artdeco blush je res gorgeous. Mi je všeč, da lahko embalažo znova uporabiš. Bi bilo škoda zavreči tako lep dizajn. Veselim se ocene Makeup Factory izdelkov. Senčila se mi zdijo izredno zanimiva. :)

    1. Ne vem če bo čas za swatch-anje, ampak jih bom dala nekje gor na soc.omrežjih :D Ker so res super osvetljevalci <3


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